Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 User Manual & Tech Specs

First of all, let me clear the means of “Y” letter on this Samsung Galaxy Y for. It actually stand for Young. Y for Young. By this, we could make a conclusion that Galaxy Y by Samsung is specially marketed for teenager and also anyone who cover the “young” meaning (20 to 27 old unmarried person can be categorized as young, IMO). Furthermore, the colorful body options available for Galaxy Y also indicated this Phone as for Young person, whether they are girls or boys. Pink color absolutely very suitable for girls, metallic colors for boys and also had two common colors, white and black (see the detail of this four 4 colors of Galaxy Y on “Specifications” tab).

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Another good news is, even Galaxy Y is Samsung Android Phone, you can have this smartphone with quite “low budget”, only around 100USD without contract aka Global Phone Unlocked. Therefore it very suitable for “young’s pocket budget”. But, how about the performance? about the hardware? Are they also “low”? Don’t underestimated, even though the budget quite low for Samsung Android Smartphone, and also not as good as high-end Smartphone (such as Galaxy S II), the specs hardware of Galaxy Y, not as low as its price. See the detail I elaborate in bot tech specs of this touch bar form factor phone under “Specifications” tab.

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide Resume

When you encounter that your Galaxy Y frozen / freezes, or your S5360 hangs and the touchscreen stop responding, you can do the soft reset aka (restarting) by pressing and hold for 8 to 10 seconds the power button and then released. That would give you a soft reset by rebooting your Galaxy Y. In Condition rebooting the device isn’t gave you a solution, you can try to make Hard / Master Reset aka Factory Reset. Please follow my quick instruction below:

Home Screen > Menus > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase Everything.

Because performing hard reset would erase all your data and applications including downloaded games, before you do this please back up your data first. Using Samsung Kies to transfer you data from Galaxy Y Phone to PC would be gave you a good back up.

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

But if you don’t want to do factory reset, you can alternatively to try to remove unused applications or game or data in order to get the phone storage enough space. It because sometime hangs or un-responded touchscreen occurred because the phone “works” too hard or didn’t enough RAM due to many applications runs simultaneously. Jump on page 115 to get further information about this (at PDF User Guide of Samsung Galaxy Y)

And for the picture that we embedded above, it can be obtain on page 19 of the UG of S5360. You’ll got the same picture just like we shared above. It would assist you to get to know your phone features keys and parts. the antenna, the back keys, the menu keys, the volume keys, even the power / reset / lock keys.

Learning to use the touchscreen, finding the information regarding the home screen, adding a widget, changing the wallpaper, pairing the bluetooth, connect the Wi-Fi as internet connections, download games and apps from Android market, change settings, and more also available.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Technical Specifications

Having 104 mm x 58 mm x 11.5 mm dimension size and 97.5 grams weight, the Galaxy Y comes with 3 inches display screen. The Screen manufactured by using TFT Capacitive touchscreen with 240 x 320 pixels resolution ad has 256K colors.

As usually, the sensor that would make the touchscreen display works “normally” such as accelerometer sensor for auto rotation screen orientation as well as proximity sensor for a tool that would make the display turning off automatically whenever it being used to make a call or receive a call at close to the ears, and also digital compass also available. This are some proof that the Galaxy Y isn’t a bad smartphone, though it cheap price on it.

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide Technical Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide - Technical Specifications

Android Gingerbread lever 5 aka Android version 2.3.5 which is an Operating system installed in Samsung Galaxy Y also works side by side with 830 MHz ARMv6 Processor and also has 290MB RAM. This would guarantee you to runs any applications software quite “well” even for multi tasking purpose. Although for the internal memory is only has 108MB. But don’t worry, there is microSD card slot that would gave you an enough space if you want additional storage (up to 32GB).

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide Tech Specs

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide - Tech Specs: Pink, White, Black, Metallic Gray

As a Global Phone, Galaxy Y seems to be dedicated for GSM technology data networks transmission carrier (don’t know whether the CDMA version available yet). It support EDGE, GPRS and even 3G Network data up to HSDPA 7.2Mbps. You can also get the Wi-Fi 801.11 b/g/n type and even can be used as Wireless Portable Hotspot (router). That definitely the best for you if you want an Android, Samsung Phone, with a small budget but power full enough to be classified as Smartphone.

For Multimedia, don’t worry about this. The Galaxy Y capable to play 3GPP, H.263, H.264 and MPEG4 for Video formats and MP3, AMR, AMR-NB, eAAC+, AAC, and AAC+ for Music Audio formats. FM Radio, also available. Messaging? Chat using Gtalk, Mobile Email clienst support SSL, TLS, IMAP4, SMPT, POP3) would be enough for you.

Although for the Camera the Galaxy Y GT S5360 only attached with 2Megapxil Camera and without front facing camera. It only capable to record QVGA video resolution at 15 frame per second, although for picture geo tagging is supported. Google Maps, Google Search, Android Market, Youtube, are already preloaded installed.

For the official tech specs of Galaxy Y, you can visit it at here.

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide

Using this manual
Getting started
Google Mail
Social Hub,
FM Radio,
Personal information
Samsung Apps
News and Weather,
Mobile network sharing
PC connections
VPN connections,
Tools; Clock
Google Search
My Files
SIM Toolkit
Task manager
Voice Search,
Access the Settings menu
Wireless and networks
Call settings
Location and security
Accounts and sync
SD Card and phone storage
Locale and text
Voice input and output
Date and time
About phone,
Safety precautions

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide PDF Download Spanish English

This is one of the tutorial that you must follow in order to bring your Galaxy Y “online” for the first time. You had to understand with clear method on how you can open the back cover casing battery compartment properly then you can assemble the battery, insert the SIM card and also install the microSD card (optional) to your Galaxy Y. Remember to do it carefully. Of course you need to know how to charge the battery properly. See the image below for the fast tutorial image, but we recommend to read the detail on the User Guide PDF of Galaxy Y under “Assembling” and “Getting Started” chapters on page 10 to page 38.

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide Open Close Back Cover Case Compartment Charging Assemble Battery Insert SIM Card Install MicroSD External Storage PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Manual User Guide - Open Close Back Cover Case Compartment Charging Assemble Battery Insert SIM Card Install MicroSD External Storage - PDF Download

Although the version language of the User Guide available for multi version language, we deliberately choose to give you two of them, the Spanish and English version of User Guide of Galaxy Y by Samsung. Just enjoy the PDF.

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    • prasad says

      My phone have to software gone I want to back up my phone software
      My phone can’t open to home screen
      Please help me!

  1. Laily Idayu says

    Hye, i need manual user for SAMSUNG Galaxy Young and how to make a video call (3G) use this SAMSUNG Galaxy Young?

    URGENT request…. Thanks a lot

  2. N Srinivasa Rao says

    How can I change my Phone Profile(i.e. General, Silent, Meeting, etc) along with time bound in Samsung Galaxy Y S5360?

  3. loyceespino says

    hi, just want to know if why some of the files in my 8gb micro sd can’ t view.what should i do? tfhanks.


  4. zenia victoria says

    hi! i want to know where can i find in my samsung galaxy y the options.. example the option in messages, cos i dont know how to delete my message.. thank u..

  5. paolo manali says

    there are some things that could be better, like the back cover: is really thin and weak, or the camera(s): secondary is missing and primary is low grade mp..and so on..but for the very affordable peice is very good, really a smartphone.

  6. nonato says

    iam pre paid user…when i started using my samsung GALAXY Y GT-S5360 my account keep charging me… without using it??? pls help

  7. Rakesh says

    i m not able record videos with my galaxy s 5360,but i m able to capture….what should i do to come out with this trouble???any suggestions pls help me out

  8. rajat says

    u can stop mobile using internez by following steps….
    sittings >>> wireless and networks [at the top] >>>mobile network [at the bottom >>> packet data[ at the top].. unchek that top box..And ur interner usage will stop.And u want to start once again, repete this process.. :).. ENJOYYYY… 😀

  9. rajat says

    @Rakesh…to record videos..u should do the folloing…open camera>>>
    touch the screen once and u should see two bars displaying from sides and on right side of the screen, touch the top icon and ur video recording function will start..
    and touch the capture button to record…. :)… ENJOY…. 😀

  10. Robb says

    hello i want to know how to use my PC internet connection on my Samsung Galaxy Y phone..i tried with Kies but it didnt worked..

  11. says

    please help me. i installed a new font on my s5360 and now it cannot start up. when i turn it on, it stops on the “samsung galaxy y” display and doesn’t proceed. please help. email me

  12. pija says

    i bought s5360 galaxy y only to use it for 1 week. it keep restarting when not charging. i sent it to service center twice but the result still the same. i dont wanna use samsung product anymore-really disappointed with the service coz i waited so long.

  13. james says

    i have a question. before i was able to make and receive calls. but this time my samsung galaxy y cannot anymore do both. what seems to be the problem? i need answers from others,,,, thanks

  14. kkverma says

    in the homescreen ,on the top,when i will turn on the auto rotation ,its not working nicely ,when i will turn my phone left or right it will turn,but when i will turn it straight it is nt turning straight wht to do for ths problm please help me to sort out ths problem

  15. naughty devil says

    i had also the same problem ! i go to samsung service centre ! they instAl new software to my phone! now it work properly !!

  16. shayne says

    Hi please help guys, i have problem on making screenshot. Everytime when im making a screenshot and hold the menu bar the task manager always came up?

  17. Raras says

    I took pictures from my samsung galaxy y’s camera, and after that I want to move it to computer. But when I already connect the USB to computer, I couldn’t find any pictures that I’ve captured from my samsung galaxy y’s camera. I have searched it in ‘my files’ but there weren’t any also. What should I do?

  18. ultimate guy says

    When i was downloading games igot one game that didn’t downloaded how can i take it out????

  19. hamilton says

    quando eu ligo as pessoas não conseguem identificar o meu numero como faço pra ajustar isso, ele esta privado

  20. shoshi says

    שלום, לביתי יש סמסונג גלקסי יאנג. משום מה לא מקבל את כרטיס הסים, ולא ניתן להתקשר ממנו. הסים הוא של הוא מובייל, קודם לכן היה אפשר להתקשר ממנו ואילו עכשיו לא. כאילו לא קיים סים. ככל שפתחנו וסגרנו, כלום! מה עושים? הטלפון בן שבועיים בלבד!

  21. rhutu says

    i want the homescreen display as it was jst the same when i bought it.the screen with addittion signs and the cclear history n running programmes option has also gone…..please help me….!!!!!

  22. rhutu says

    i want the homescreen as it was before in my galaxy y.with addition signs to put up more apps.and the clear history option and hide app. option has also gone….how can i get them back?? please help….!!!

  23. somu says

    I hate Samsung galaxy y, one thing i wanna ask you y urn destroying the fame of Samsung when urn not make good phone then don’t introduce bad mobiles. I have a lots of problems with Samsung galaxy Y 5360 sometimes it got stuck when i try take incoming call, battery backup is not more then 2 hours when i use internet service. Pls tell what should i do

  24. Richard Ngonya. says

    I have to say thanks for your product i have been use for six month now with no any problem with my samsung galaxy gt 5360

  25. anrej says

    I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY Y GT-S5360 cellphone and I’ve been having hard time finding out on how to save some FACEBOOK PICTURES USING THE ABOVE MENTIONED PHONE…I can view the pictures using FACEBOOK ANDROID BUT CANNOT SAVE..I had a research already and some suggested that you need to TOUCH/HOLD THE IMAGE FOR SEVERAL SECONDS AND THEN AN OPTION WILL APPEAR “save image” but when i tried NOTHING appeared! even the SCREENSHOT thingy procedure wherein you will have to PRESS THE POWER BUTTON AND HOMESCREEN BUTTON at the same time STILL NOTHING HAPPENED..and with this matter! I AM REALLY PISSED OFF…!!!

  26. Md. Azim Miah says

    I am using a Galaxy GT-S5360 smart phone. Unfortunately, My “contacts” folder disappear from the screen. So I cannot communicate with my friends and relatives. Now please tell me how can I bring my contacts folder.

  27. Rizwan Asghar says

    My phone automatically switches to the Silent mode on its own and then switches back to the sound (normal) mode on its own. May be I have made such settings accidently and now I do not remember the same and do not know how to fix that problem.

    So when it goes silent I do not know if somebody is calling me (because I do not keep my phone all the time in my pocket).

    Can you please help me in resolving this issue?

  28. arun says

    i try to capture photo in my y 5360 but i get message camera failed,,error message handler,
    what should i do

  29. Iciee says

    I downloaded the app call cycamera and it completely froze my phone. So I soft reset it at first and it didn’t solve the problem, and all it appears are those force close messages. I also hard reset it afterwards and those messages still appear with a black background. I couldn’t do anything with the phone. I need some help here!

  30. Meghan says

    Just bought this phone, and no instrutions in English, so looked up here but cant find anything about using a loudspeaker ( hands free without earphones). Does this phone have this as good when driving or for others to hear conversation.

  31. Meghan says

    Shoshi…אני קניתי ב אופיס דפו ואמרו לי עם מעשהו לא
    בסדר הם מתעפלים בבעיה אפילו הכליפה מכשיר

  32. chokri says

    merci de me faire communiquer le guide d’utilisation des différentes fonctionnalités du téléphone samsung galagxy y GT-S5360

  33. Mahmuda nasrin says

    My GPS is already on, bt whenever i want to connect with internet or google it show that the network is not available check settings of netwok…….. now what i have to do………….???

  34. suchita pawar says

    i have samsung galaxy y GT-S5360
    FCC ID-A3LGTS5360
    Rated-3.7V 1000MA
    but i can’t remember my mob.screen password
    so plz help me

  35. fayiz says

    need to know how to increase internal memory in samsung y gts-5360… if i download some applications like yahoo messenger…,saved in internal memory and i cannt move to memory card.I tried to move application internal to external and used one application “app2sd”for it . But it cannt be there any option to move???? plz help me ..

  36. fayiz says

    need to know how to increase internal memory in samsung y gts-5360… if i download some applications like yahoo messenger…,saved in internal memory and i cannt move to memory card.I tried to move application internal to external and used one application “app2sd”for it . But it cannt be there any option to move???? plz help me ..if u have an idea plz mail me to plzzzzzzzzz

  37. Veteran Asif Khan says

    i want to start my samsung galaxy y … but it restaring again and again…. and not openn … plz help me … plz .. please…

  38. Amy says

    Hi, I have a pink Galaxy Y and it wont start, it all begun when my little sister played “gangman style dance” app on it, and when i toke the charger in, it didnt work either, it all just comes up a sign with how much battery it has, when i klick on the screen or swish with the finger on it, it wont open ! How can i fix it?

  39. lesley searson says

    just come back from bulgaria and phone waas working ok with internet connection at airport and the next day internet has gone and cant send messages there is an icon top left of screen a triangle with a thin exclamation mark (not fat one as shown in booklet) cant call anyone either

  40. says

    how can i increse galaxy 5360 internal memory..its irritating wen it gonna hng..plzz help me nd can i do video cal from dis nd how i come to knw dat which app is movable to sd card nd how cn i move dem…plzz help

  41. Madhu says

    I have a samsung galaxy gt-s7562 phone and a nokia bh-102 bt device. I can pair the device with my phone. But some problems arised that follows as:
    1. I cannot hear music through bluetooth headset
    2. Auto call cannot activated.
    Please help me

  42. Zahid Latif says

    how can I enlarge my pictures on galaxy GTS-5360.
    when I take pictures it looks big but when i send it to the computer they turn to small one like a stamp , when I edit the size on computer from computer setting , it scatters the pixels .pls guide me how an I take and load a normal size picture.

  43. zhai says

    Please help me increase the internal memory of my galaxy y… using my SD card… (memory sharing??) i know it can be but my friend forget how to do it..please please help…

  44. dinesh rathod says

    I had purchased Samsung Galaxy “Y” GT-s5360,you are kindly requested to send the physcial complete users manuals. you obliged to send it as early as possible.
    A/116, Bhavna Tenaments
    Vasna Barrage Road, VASNA
    INDIA 380 007(M)+91 9898500909

  45. zhazha says

    i hve samsung galaxy y, pls do help me how to disable the pattern lock on my messages apps…ive already unlock it on the screen unlock bt it doesnt work…

  46. Uttam suryawanshi says

    when i use the call, automatically media volume low i am so nervous please suggest to me on my email address please……….

  47. cherish says

    Samsung galaxy Y mobile; when I call accepted than mobile background screen went hide and after end call was not came out; so i restar mobile ..; how to solve this problem…?

  48. anjan says

    to download image from internet – option – save image as…- isn’t appear in my, this mobile set. what can i do, anyone help me, please.????

  49. REva says

    i recorded a video from my GTS5360. unfortunately it has been recorded in mute mode, how can i get sounds in that video…please help, the video is very important one????

  50. Emad Amer says

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Y ; I took it with me in my last holiday to Egypt and when I receive message from my family the Arabic Letters is showing in separate letters (like capital) and its not easy to read… any program I can add. or updating the software can help????
    as I bought some for my family and they are having the same problem…..
    Thanking you for your kind help.

  51. col machon says

    i have just purchered a galaxyY gt-s5360t and not
    imformed that the y stands for youth.
    as i am 75 yrs i think i shough have been told,cause im having difficulty using without user manual.

  52. says

    Sir plz anyone person your help you my phone set no samsung gt-s5360.
    My mobile system very slow proccesing,i no anderstading my problem not solves. He is person help you anyinformation requeset . My phone no 07417636550

  53. HEATHER says

    i am looking for the drivers to this phone so i can connect to my pc and play my music through my speakers. I cannot find it!! There was no disk with the phone when I purchased it – The samsung website has no details of my phone or serial number and i cant get the drivers from the website. getting annoyed! whats happening and where can i get the drivers? – when i connect my phone via usb to the pc, the pc asks for me to install the new hardwear, but i cant as i dont have the drivers!!!

  54. Jing says me..I could no longer connect to my home wifi or any other wifi after i factory reset my GT-S5360.what do,advice please???

  55. Naresh Bansal says

    I want to know how to set google as home page in bookmark & manual guide in samsung galaxy y gt s 5360

  56. Jim says

    Hi when I use my Samsung galaxy y GT-S5360 and try and ring a number it says not registered on network it as worked fine until today any one any solution cheers

  57. Brian Kais says

    i have samsung galaxy y GT-S5360
    FCC ID-A3LGTS5360
    Rated-3.7V 1000MA
    but i can’t remember my mob.screen password
    so plz help me

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