Samsung Genio Touch GT S3650 User Manual

Samsung Genio Touch GT S3650 used full Touchscreen User Interface and with touch bar or we can say candy bar form factor design. For the display screen, Genio Touch available in 2.8 inches display screen size at 240 x 320 pixels resolutions and used QVGA TFT Technology. For the Operating System, GT S3650 installed with SHP (don’t know yet what this kind of Mobile OS :( ) Mobile OS with Dolfin 1.0 Mobile Internet Browser.

Samsung Genio Touch GT S3650 User Guide Manual PDF

Samsung Genio Touch GT S3650 User Guide / User Manual

With 2 Megapixel Camera, Video Recording and also 4x Digital Zoom, Samsung Genio Touch is a kind of “ordinary” Mobile Phone, though it equipped with Cam’s Tools; Photo effects, ISO, Shot Mode and also White Balance. Native Player as Music Audio Sound Player, FM Radio / FM Radio RDS, Java Games included, 3D sound Technology, Bluetooth, USB, WAP, Mobile Printing, Document Viewer, 40 MB Internal user memory (expanded with microSD up to 8GB), are some others features available in Samsung Genio Touch GT S3650.

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Samsung Genio Touch GT S3650 User Manual / User Guide PDF Download

Samsung Genio Touch GT S3650 User Manual Phone Layout Keys Parts PDF

Samsung Genio Touch GT S3650 User Manual - Phone Layout Keys Parts

User Manual GT S3650 Samsung Genio Touch | Language: English Europe | Pages: 80 | PDF Size: 4.11 MB

Samsung Genio Touch GT S3650 User Manual / User Guide PDF Overview

If you like to know how to use Bluetooth Technology Wireless in your Genio Touch GT S3650, just go to the page 49 of the Use Manual of the Phone and you’ll find complete tutorial and intruction how to do it. For Camera tutorial (including how to use Camera Options and Functions such as Smile Detection Capture), you can read from page 42 until page 46 of Genio Touch User Guide. Another guidance you can find including how to assembling the phone with battery, Sim card and memory cars, Troubleshooting that usually happened, Printing directly from your Phone, Using PC Studio, Setting the Phone, Using Widgets, how to use java Powered Games and Application, and many more.

Table of Contents of Samsung Genio Touch GT S3650 User Manual

Using this Manual
Safety and usage information
Introducing your mobile phone
Assembling and preparing your mobile phone
Using basic functions;
Turn your phone on and off
use the Touchscreen
Access menus
Use Widgets
Access help infomation
Customise your phone
Use basic call functions
Send and view messages
Add and find contacts
Use basic camera functions
Listen to music
Browser the Web
Use the google services,
Using Advanced functions;
Use advanced call functions
Use advanced phonebook functions
Use advanced messaging functions
Use advanced camera functions
Use advanced music functions,
Using tools and Applications

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  1. jamie oneill says

    im a useless technophobe, but its gettin embaressing!!! the phone S-SUNG GST3650, is my 9 y.o. sons and70% i havent a fkn clue what im doing, all his wee pals at skool have this n that, granted some fones r diferrerant but , u get the jist??is this fone a ‘smartfone’?does google android work on it? i couldnt get(by cable) samsung pc studio 7 or samsung kies!!! neither cud the guy in mobile phone doctor; a shop for exactly this type thing!! said he’d no idea why, but to his credit, spent a lot of time with us over 4/5 days,took the cable back n gave £ back no probs and sold us a blu-toooth usb adapter.with it i can transfer songs but it has to be 1 @ a time( pain in the a**e) but ,gets u there in the end!!

  2. karen innes says

    could you please email me and let me know how i can block someone from phoning my phone so that i don’t have to change my number my ex won’t stop phoning me i don’t want to change my number as it not fair on the other ppl that have got my number could you please let me know as soon as possible thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon

    • user manual says

      Here the tutorial to make auto rejection that we get form the UG of Samsung Genio Touch GT-S3650

      To reject calls from certain numbers automatically,
      use the auto rejection. To activate the auto rejection
      and set up the reject list,
      1. In Menu mode, select Settings → Application
      settings → Call → All calls → Auto reject.
      2. Select On under Activation.
      3. Select Add number under Reject list.
      4. Select the number input field.
      5. Enter a number to reject and select Done →
      6. Repeat steps 3-5 to add more numbers.
      7. Select the check boxes next to the number.
      8. Select Save.

  3. Sarah-Jayne Norton says

    I have had my Samsung GTS3650 since March (please note, this is the 3rd one i have had, same model, in under a year), all replaced by myself due to faults!
    However, this is becoming not only very expensive but tedious too!
    I am a mother of a 9 year old & don’t have a landline so my mobile phone is my only form of contact.
    I am now experiencing major problems with my handset, that major that I cannot even access anything in it because the bottom half of the screen has decided to malfunction & won’t recognise certain numbers & letters & so has left me with a phone that is basically useless.
    I currently have a phone PIN, of which includes some numbers that cannot be entered & therefore need another way of accessing my contacts & all details/information stored within the handset.
    As you are fully aware of the importance surrounding this, I eagerly await your prompt reply on receipt of this e mail.

    Many thanks,
    Sarah-Jayne Norton.

  4. Esther Poligadoo says

    I have tried to send a photo via my samsung Gt-S3650 and it is still in the outbox and there is a flashing ‘G’ with a flashing icon of a phone. How do I get rid of it? I cannot cancel and if I try to delete it says ‘!sending’.

  5. Rich Atherton says

    I have turned on large text font on text messages and havn’t a clue how to return it to normal. I have even tried a phone re-set and it didn’t work. I thought it would be an option in the options menu but no. Help.

  6. Sarah Tina says

    Hi ! I’m Sarah but my friends call me Bells. This mobile are most beautiful !! And My Telephone is Samsung Corby GT-S3650 is BEAUTİFUL ,WONDERFULL I live an Turkey / İstanbul Bosphorus .

  7. Sreenivas says

    Hi All,
    my samsung corby phone completely dead while updating firmware software, could please anybody help me on that how to recover. Bcz download mode also not coming

  8. abd razzak addya says

    Hello. Can help me on how to introduce the Internet to the phone and Samsung 3650 Thanks

  9. Ibro says

    Hello! I like my samsung gt-s3650 mobile..
    …but i can’t download any application and games,so would you help on this?

  10. Hayley MacLennan says

    Hi, I have had the same problem as Rich (above) can someone please tell me how to take large font off my text messaging?? There doesn’t seem to be a logical way to do it!!! Ha!

    Your help would be much appreciated!

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