Samsung Moment SPH-M900 User Manual for Sprint Carrier

Samsung Moment SPH M900 was released in the middle of November 2009, and at that time, the available Android Mobile OS was Cupcake Android 1.5. That why the Samsung Moment, as Android Phone used Android Version 1.5 aka Android Cupcake (It said that SPH M900 upgradable but we couldn’t find the Upgrade software download link for the newest Android OS for Samsung Moment). The ‘brain’ installed in the bonnet of the Phone used 800MHz CPU Speed Processor. How about the Body Design and User Interface?

The design consist of two part: the Screen and also Physical Qwerty Keyboard. If it been closed the Phone can be used as Touch Phone by using Touch Screen User Interface that has Display Screen at 3.2 inches at 320 x 480 pixels Resolution with Accelerometer Sensor for Auto Rotate Screen View. If it in Open condition, then you’ll see Slide Physical Qwerty Keyboard appears at landscape mode (see the picture below). This would also means that the Phone used Slide Side Landscape form factor design. In my Opinion, the design overal is quite good enough. In US, this Phone available with Sprint Carrier.

Samsung Moment SPH M900 Manual User Guide Sprint Carrier PDF Download

Samsung Moment SPH M900 User Manual / User Guide for Sprint Carrier

The Moment supports microSD removable memory card up to 32GB and works under CDMA 2G and 3G networks (CDMA 800/1900 and CDMA 2000 1x EV-DO). And for others hardware feature, the SPH M900 also attached with 3.2 Megapixel Camera along with LED Flash Light for Poor source light condition (such as at night or no sun light), Video Recording / Camcorder, Geo Tagging, Image Editor, Gallery and also Digital Zoom.

For Connectivity Hardware, the Samsung Moment embedded with Wi-Fi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b / 802.11 g, Bluetooth version 2.1 (supports A2DP wireless stereo headsets Profile) and also has microUSB v2.0 slot for high data transfer via cable USB data, Speaker and AGPS (for Geo Taggin or Navigation on the Maps).

Because it’s an Android Phone, Google Search, Android Web kit browser, Google Maps, GMail, YouTube, Android Market for downloadable Games and Applcations also available. For Music Player the Moments can plays MP3, AAC / AAC+, WMA, Audio codex and for Video it supports MP4 and H.263 formats.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Moment SPH M900 Manual User Guide Sprint Carrier PDF Download

Samsung Moment SPH M900 User Guide Keys Function Layout Sprint PDF

Samsung Moment SPH M900 User Guide Keys Function Layout Sprint

You can avoid reading this summary / overview if you already download the PDF File (whether it English, Spanish or Korean Language versions). This Summary would only help you in the matter of finding the quick tutorial in selected sections for English Version of User Guide of Samsung Moment SPH-M900.

For example, if you wondering where you can find the place to inserting microSD card (slot) you can find at the page 102 under section 2G that discuss microSD card, step by step instruction with picture how to assembling the microSD card to Samsung Moment. Another Assembling guideline such as Inserting SIM Card, attached the Battery also available.

At the picture above you’ll see the part of User Guide of Samsung SPH M900 that shown you how you could understand the phone body and also keys with each functions. It can be found from page 9 to page 12 under Your Device –>> 2A. Device Basics. If you like to know how to use the Phone as Driving Navigator via turn by turn Navigator along with Google Maps / or using Sprint Navigation, you can read the tutorial at page 172 to page 178.

There a lot more tutorial and instructions manual that you can found, including using WiFi to connect to access point hotspot, using Bluetooth and Pairing it with others Bluetooth’s device, learning to watch TV and listening the Music, Change Date, Time and language settings, Using Instant Messaging or Email, and many more. Just download and read by yourself the PDF File Manual of Samsung Moment for further understanding and reading.

Table of Contents of Samsung Moment SPH-M900 user Manual / User Guide Sprint

Table of Contents
Your Device’s Menu
Getting Started
Your Device;
Device Basics
Call Log
Calendar and Tools
Voice Services
microSD Card
Sprint Service;
Sprint Service: The Basics
Web and Data Services,
Getting Started With Data Services
Navigating the Web
Instant Messaging
Using the Android Market
Data Services FAQs,
Entertainment: TV and Music
GPS Navigation;
GPS Services
Google Maps
Sprint Navigation
Getting Driving Directions,
Safety and Warranty Information

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