Samsung Monte GT S5620 User Manual

Samsung Monte has a series name GT S5620 equipped with 3 Megapixel Camera wiht 4x Optical Zoom (we absolutely recommended the Optical Zoom instead of Digital Zoom, it because optical zoom would create clearer image photo / video than Digital Zoom). Wanna know the picture of Samsung Monte GT S5620? Just watch it below.

Samsung Monte GT S5620 User Guide Manual PDF

Samsung Monte GT S5620 User Guide Manual

Another features you can find at Monte GTS5620 are Music Player (including mp3), FM Radio, capable to install java Game, Mobile Printing, Bluetooth, external 16GB for memory, and also connectivity to internet with WiFi technology.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Download Samsung Monte User Manual and User Guide

Samsung Monte GT S5620 User Manual Guide Phone Layout PDF

Samsung Monte GT S5620 User Manual Phone Layout PDF

The features that we already mentioned above would be used at a better understanding if you read the Official User Manual or User Guide of Samsung Monte. The Features including part overview learning such as where the internal antenna, where the power button and else. Assembling the Phone, SIM Card, configuration of the Phone, Using The Camera, Radio, Video Recording, and also TroubleShooting with the Monte are some of Manual that you can find and read in the PDF File Format

Download Samsung Monte User Manual [English Language | 3.27 MB PDF Size]

You can also read the Function Guide of Samsung Monte. It including the help and guidance on how to use the functions available on the Monte, such as phonebook function, messaging functions, camera functions, music functions, Bluetooth and Wife or WLAN functions and configuration, and more.

Download Samsung Monte Function Guide

Table of Contents of Samsung Monte GT S5620 User Manual

Using this Manual
Safety and Usage Information
Introducing Your Mobile Phone
Assembling and Preparing Your Phone
Using Basic Functions
Using Advanced Functions
Using Tools and Applications

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  1. MAK says

    There is one point that is not indicated in your manual: How can you show the keypad on the screen when you are talking on the phone. This is necessary because some companies require that you push for example the star button to connect to this or that service.

  2. sandra fabria says

    I got this phone Samsung Monte GT S5620 today but when i touch the camea. it says camera failed, any help?

  3. Henry says

    I leave in Zambia (English speaking) but I bought a GT-S5620 in Germany while visiting. Therefore the display on the screen is in German language. How can I change to English? Please help as I am unable to start using the phone, as I do not know German language

    • says

      megnyomod a kék kockába downloand majd megnyilik egy uj lap és ott lesz hogy save file rá katintasz és magátol beindul a letöltés ha lehuzta a programot tedd a telefonra rá és katincs rá és elindul de a virust kapcsold ki a számitogépeden amikor fogod huzni a programot

  4. Di Mort says

    Sorry but have you inserted it properly, i.e the micro SD brand facing upwards? Does it show up as ‘unsupported file type’ in Menu, My Files, Store (9d7bxxx etc) ? Not correct in my case as using Menu to ‘camera’, settings (nut icon) hit spanner icon, up arrow you see Storage option showing ‘phone’ ..I hit that & chose ‘Memory card’ . Taking photo and viewing it in My Files, Images showed mem.card working.
    Also see under Settings,Memory Settings, Mem.Card details.

  5. Mansoor says

    download samsung pc studio to transfer files from pc to mobile……………..if u want wifi connected to pc……then first install router…then on wifi then search …ur router will be displayed on mobile…………..

    i am hving problem that the camera result is not good………..when i zoom it feels that ants r running on screen

  6. ram says

    Hi i found a symbol on my samsung monte screen its like a tape symbol with ” ! ” mark so wat does it mean??? besdie the signal

  7. Vtech says

    who can i open the WI FI i tried and tried and it wont let me acess to the internet plz help me and fast when i try to connect it take toooooo long and then say failed to connect ???? please help me

  8. pradeep dubey says

    i have s5620 monte phone .but i cant. found message setting,incoming message is save in my sim card but many try to change this setting pls help and support to me how can change this setting.

  9. Hanwell says

    I am trying to retrieve my answer phone messages on my new Samsung Monted S5620 phone. When I dial 123 they say to “Press 2″ but I only know how to get the keypad up when I first turn my phone on.
    Once I have made a call I cannot work out how to get the keypad up again. can anyone help me please?
    Thank you

  10. r.setty says

    since last ten days i can’t able to send sms to any other mobile from my mobile (GT-S5620 monte). i have tried lot of times but i can’t .plz guide me how to rectify this problem.

  11. says

    Woah! I am truly digging the layout of the site.
    It is very simple, however effective. Often it is tough to acquire
    that “wonderful “harmony” relating to user friendliness along with appearance. I have to admit you’ve done a great work with this. In addition, the website loads very quick for my situation on Firefox. Excellent Blog!

  12. khadar shaik says

    my language settings has change ,iam suffering with unknown language plz.. help me to set English language as default Language……

  13. adnan says

    how to use inter net in sim. jab be me internet chalney jata hun t o vifi on hota sim se kese chlou aur internet ke setting kese mang yahu.

  14. anil sharma says

    i have samsung monty GT-S 5620
    but i cnt connecting to laptop error connecting to idel mode but is this idel mode

  15. ab says

    when i try to activate call waiting it says ‘incorrect operation’
    does anyone know how to activate call waiting????

  16. says

    Hey friends try this …samsung monte file manager password reset…… 1st ype this no on dialing screen….*#5239870*#…it flashes and show you the admin pre configuration..after selecting it wilask to enter the code ..enter dis code *#27236* confirm..after dis select 1st option..not kcr….and your phne wil restart and it becomes new… free of passwords…..note: befor doing dis(remove your sim card and mmc)

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