Samsung Omnia M GT-S7530 User Manual

This is the newest Smartphone by Samsung which powered by Windows Phone Mango. The Samsung Omnia M GT-S7530 runs under Microsoft WP version 7.5. With the size of diagonally diameter of the Super AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen uses 4.0 inches, you’ll have quite spacy display that good enough for typing by onscreen qwerty keyboard, or watching videos like on Youtube.

Overview Samsung Omnia M GT S7530 User Manual

Overview of Samsung Omnia M GT-S7530 User Manual

Of course this 4″ display without physical alphanumeric nor qwerty keyboard means that the Samsung Omnia M is touch bar form factor design. The display has WVGA resolution at 480 x 800 pixels with 16M colors. For the precisely dimension size: 121.7 x 64.1 x 10.5 mm and has 119 grams weight (with battery).

Samsung Omnia M GT-S7530 User Guide Resume

FYI, there is no Quick Start Guide in PDF for this phone (QSG’s paper version included with the box). And for the User Manual it, of course, consist of the basic tutorial how to use the phone for calling, SMS, adjust the volume, turn on/off the phone and more. If you are a new user on Windows Phone Mango, we absolutely recommend to read the User Guide step by step, page by page, from how to navigate, understanding the home screen, and to some advance tutorial such as using the Market to download apps or perform factory reset.

Keys Parts Samsung Omnia M GT S7530 User Manual

Keys Parts of Samsung Omnia M GT S7530 User Manual

Or you can learn the features’ key and part of Samsung Omnia M and understanding it in order to get closer and closer to familiarize with the phone. As pictured on the figure above. You can learn where is the power button, the multifunction jack, the back key, the light sensor, camera key, speaker and more. See the detail on page 16 and 17 of the User Guide of GT-S7530.

There are two kind of methods that you can take in case that your Omnia M is getting slower and slower on processing the applications or other. First remove unnecessary applications, data, or program or restart / reboot it and the second one is doing factory reset / master reset: Go to Menu > Select Settings > system > about > reset your phone > yes > yes to confirm.

Another tutorial including how to use the Wi-Fi, pairing the bluetooth, using AllShare, turn on GPS navigation, and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Omnia M GT-S7530 Technical Specifications

For the hardware, apparently we couldn’t find the details spec of the processor. It’s only said that uses single-core 1GHz CPU Speed. Whether it uses chipset or GPU? which manufacturer? We couldn’t sure about these. For the internal memory it’s provided for 4GB or 8GB (optional). The memory RAM uses along with the 1GHz processor has 348MB RAM. It seems that this Windows Phone not as good as others premium Smartphone by Samsung especially runs with Android OS. Comparing the hardware, the Omnia M wouldn’t compete even with Galaxy S II which released more than 1 years ago.

Technical Specifications Samsung Omnia M GT S7530 User Manual

Technical Specifications of Samsung Omnia M GT-S7530 User Manual

Come along with the Windows Phone, the Omnia M provides some preloaded applications: ChatON (samsung Messenger), Windows Market Place, Internet Explorer, Maps, Mini Diary, OneNote Mobile, Alarms, Zune Player and more. The Omnia M currently supports GSM data networks technolog for: GSM quad band 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz, and HSDPA dual band 900, 2100 Mhz. The HSDPA can be used up to 7.2Mbps and HSUPA 5.76Mbps. It also has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4Ghz frequency, Bluetooth v2.1, DLNA supports, and USB with microUSB v2.0.

For the camera, this device’s attached with CMOS 5.0 Megapixel camera for main rear facing cam and CMOS VGA camera on the front facing side. It also has Flash light powered LED. Auto focus, geo-tagging, WVGA@30fps video recording, image stabilizer are also included.

The battery is replacable. It uses 1500 mAh capacity with Li-Ion material. It can be used to power on the Omnia M for around 7 hours on talktime mode for 3G and about 420 hours on standby mode.

As a touch bar phone, the display has light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer sensor and geo magnetic sensor. A-GPS is also available. Wanna read more? Read it here.

Table of Contents of Samsung Omnia M GT-S7530 User Manual

Using this manual
Getting started
Photo Studio
Personal information
Internet Explorer
Voice command
Wireless Manager,
Access the Settings men
Safety precautions Index

Samsung Omnia M GT-S7530 User Guide PDF Download

Here we gave you an additional tutorials how to user the Omnia M from the fist hand steps. Unpack product box which is consists Omnia M mobile device, battery and quick start guide. Read the quick start guide or see the figure tutorial below: Open the back cover, insert SIM card, assemble the battery, and attach the hand strap. Just to let you know that there isn’t additional external microSD card slot memory on this phone.

Assemble Charge Battery Open Cover Insert SIM Card Samsung Omnia M GT S7530 User Manual

Assemble Charge Battery Open Cover Insert SIM Card available on Samsung Omnia M GT S7530 User Manual

And here is the User Guide for Samsung Omnia M GT-S7530:

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