Samsung Omnia SGH I900 User Manual & Quick Start Guide

Samsung Omnia SGH i900 or usually just called as Samsung i900 is a SmartPhone under Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Samsung I900 also used Professional 5 Megapixel Camera. Without amiss, Auto focus, 4x Digital Zoom, LED Flash, Photo Effects and Setting Tool also included along with 5MP Camera. And for User Interface OI, it used Full Touchscreen with 65K Color TFT Screen with WQVGA Resolution at 3.2 inches display.

Samsung Omnia SGH I900 Manual User Guide PDF

Samsung Omnia SGH I900 User Manual Quick Start Guide

For Music aka Audio Player supported by Samsung I900 are MP3, AMR-NB, SMAF, I-Melody, MIDI, XMF, AAC, SP MIDI, AAC+, enhanced AAC+ and WMA. And for Audio the I900 Omnia can plays MPEG4,, H.264, WMV, Dvix, and Xvid. Another Features such as Embedded Java Games, Wallpaper, FM Radio, Music Library, 3D Sound, Doc Viewer (excel, word, etc), Mobile Printing, Bluetooth, WiFi, aGPS , TV Output and many more.

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Samsung Omnia SGH i900 User Manual Guide Download PDF and Review

Samsung Omnia SGH I900 Quick Start Guide Manual Rear View PDF

Samsung Omnia SGH I900 Quick Start Guide - Rear View

Actually, there were five version of User Manual and Quick Start Guide of Samsung Omnia SGH I900, but we only share two of them (the latest version ones). If you eager to download all of the User Manual and QSG version, you can get it here. All available in PDF File and had English Language. You can download its at two links below.

For User Guide aka User Manual of SGH i900 you can learn how to use Camera to take a photo, make video recording, tutorial to use touch player, using media controler and video editor, Pairing the bluetooth to other device for data transfer (media such as transferring music or video) to other devices (computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc), guide to use Google Maps with aGPS, using Messenger (WLM), Troubleshooting, Downloading Games and other Applications, help on configuring WiFi to access internet, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Table of Contents of Samsung Omnia SGH I900 User Manual

Enter Text
Media Album
Photo Slides
Touch Player
Media Controller
Video Editor
Steaming Player
FM Radio
Office Mobile
Windows Live
RSS Reader
Google Launcher
Google Maps
Internet Sharing
Connect to internet
Smart Converter
Task Manager
Task Switcher
Search Your Device
Main Menu
File Explore
TV Out Viewer
Digital Frame
Smart Reader
External GPS
Enhanced GPS
License and Agreement

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  1. Chiara says

    Hey, i wanted to ask you
    how can I change my backround, because everytime i update my backround and choose from my photos. It does is in triple. or x4.

    How can i put a new backround with One photo and to divise by x4..
    Please answer me ASAP. thanks.

  2. farid says

    hi. i have problem with starting my Samsung Omnia SGH i900. i’ve forgotten my password. how can solve it? if there’s any solution please send to my email. thanks.

    • Sidorela says

      Hi. I have problem with starting my Samsung Omnia SGH i900. I’ve forgotten my password. how can solve it? Im trying to open it but it shows a kind of digital clock like this for ex.. 0 01 : 95 …and it keeps going until it goes 00 : 00 .. I hope you can help me please . ! Thank You

  3. Maureen says

    the phone was rest and now its asking to align the screes how do i stop it and how long do i have to keep on moving that little plus sign. Please i pressed the wrong button. hope you can help

  4. Karkata says

    My Omnia i900 is using English, I want to change the language from English to other but I can not find how to do it. Would you please to point me the way?

    • nimal says

      I have samsung omnia i900 was able to download skype and open the account. After resetting my samsung omnia after downloading skype, cannot open it says not valid pc application.Pl help me to open my skype account

  5. T.T says

    Hi! I have a problem with my samsung omnia sgh-i900. i can’t start up my phone. i press power on button, then in the screan apears “SAMSUNG OMNIA” then it stucks. can anybody help me, please?

    • Talha says

      Merey Omnia ka b ye Problem ho gaya tha…………..kisi software walay se new window Install karwa lo

  6. otega says

    The phone was reset and now it’s asking to align the screen how do I stop it and how long do I have to keep on moving that little plus sign.please hope u can help me?

  7. pete tomkinson says

    My SGHi900 is currently in Arabic. As a native English speaker, with no Arabic, I need to change the language setting. How do I?

  8. Kopano says

    Samsung Omnia IT’s can you urgently please help me, i reset my phone yesterday and now all my photos are gone, how to retrive them back, this is important pls help.

  9. japjot says

    i have samsung omnia i900..i had reset my ph. after that my ph’s left touch is not working..plzz help anyone

  10. baraka says

    hey. my omnia can not do a hard reset. and it does not read my sim cards. it is on but it tells me to the phone is off so it dont communicate now. WHAT SHALL I DO SAMSUNG

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