Samsung Prevail SPH M820 User Manual for Boost Mobile

Before we discuss about Samsung Prevail that also known as Samsung SPH-M820, we wanna suggest you to take a look the design of Samsung Infuse 4G. Thus, we wanna ask you something regarding the similarity between Infuse 4G and Samsung Prevail on the matter or design and its form factor.

If you do had find the similarity between those two (the Image of Samsung Prevail you can look from the figure that we served below), You must agree with us, that both of them use Candy Bar / Touch Bar form factor with a little rounded in its four corners body just like the design of iPhone 4 or LG Revolution 4G. Although, the thickness of Samsung Prevail a little bit larger in comparison to three of them, so do the Hardware specifications that not quite as good as three of them. We’ll discuss later of this.

Samsung Prevail SPHM 820 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Prevail SPHM 820 Manual User Guide Boost Mobile - Specs Overview

The Display of Samsung Prevail was manufactured by using Thin Film Transistor TFT Capacitive Touchscreen and comes with 3.2 inches Diagonal Diameter Display. The Touchscreen also has 256K Colors and has 320 x 480 pixels Resolution. As a Touchscreen Smartphone, Auto Rotate Orientation for Landscape and Portrait View is a must. That is why the SPH M820 installed with Accelerometer Sensor. Multi Touch Input Method and Touch Sensitive Controls also two features that embedded with in. For Dimension size, The Prevail has 4.42 x 2.26 x 0.47 inches (Length x Width x Height) with 3.81 ounces or 113 x 57 x 12 mm with 108 grams.

In United State, Samsung Prevail available along side with Boost Mobile Carrier and currently uses CDMA Technology as their Data Networks Transmission. See on the “Specifications” Tab for further information about this.

Samsung Prevail SPH M820 Boost Mobile Manual User Guide Resume

We made a little comparative method before we wrote this post and we find interesting information: We found a fact that there are a lot of miss specs that been wrote in some popular gadget review!. For example in gsmarena, the Prevail did not mentioned that has a Wi-Fi but it actually do have a Wi-Fi hotspot. It been written in both the Official Page of Samsung Prevail and its User Manual that consist of instructional how to use Wi-Fi hotspot. Let forget about that. Back to the topic.

Samsung Prevail SPHM 820 Manual User Guide Boost Mobile Keys Parts Resume

Samsung Prevail SPHM 820 Manual User Guide Boost Mobile - Keys Parts - Resume

The Figure that you can see at the picture above is a Prevail in Front View, Rear Viewer, Side View and Top and Bottom View. You can learn the location of Search Key and its function, learn where the HOME or MENU Keys, where the location of Power Button, the microSD Card Slot, Volume Button and more. For the detail and deeper understanding you can read it on page 22 to page 24.

To perform Factory Data Reset whenever you need to restore you phone just like you first use it (for example you wanna do it because there is too many application that make your storage over capacity and the usage of the Phone become slower and slower or you phone becoming too many time face “stop responding), you can do by this following steps (go page 93 for the details in the User Guide of Prevail): Home > Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything. Sometime this steps also known as Master Reset or Hard Reset. Remember to backup your contacts list or other data files before you perform this action.

On other thing that been usually asked to answered is how to Set the Alarm Clock. Usually most of Android Phone, you need to login to Google Account in some of Google Apps (Google Mail, Google Calendar or else) and then you can set the Alarm. The detail how to do this with step by step instruction can be found under page 115 of the UM (Create Alarm, Edit it, Change Ringtone, Add Alarm, etc).

For others Tutorial and Guidelines you can try to find it by your self. We already gave you the User Manual of Samsung Prevail SPH M820 for Boost Mobile in both Download File or you can read it online. From how you can use Wi-Fi, learning to Download Apps for Android Market, Transferring File via Bluetooth and how to Pairing the Bluetooth with Computer or Other Smartphone, Learning to use Camera for both to create Photos or Videos and more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Prevail SPH M820 Boost Mobile Specifications

As we mentioned above, Samsung Prevail specially designed for Boost Mobile and uses CDMA Technology as its Data Carrier. It currently support 3G with EVDO Rev A (CDMA2000 ) up to 3.1 Mbps although for CDMA 1900 / 800 Mhz also supported. We do knew that Prevail already released in the middle of April 2011, but we just find the User Manual of this gadget just a few days ago. That is why we are late on writing and sharing this Phone to you.

Samsung Prevail SPHM 820 Manual User Guide Boost Mobile Specifications

Samsung Prevail SPHM 820 Manual User Guide Boost Mobile - Specifications

We categorize this Handset as a middle-end Phone because it only attached with 2 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus, 3x Digital Zoom, and Video Recording QVGA (it supposed to be 5MP or higher for high end phone) and only has 117MB Internal memory (although it has 2GB microSD Card included in the package, and can be replaced up to 32GB external microSD Card).

Don’t worry because of those ‘middle end’ features. There are some features that would make you amaze on having this Samsung Prevail. On a good part is the Qualcomm MSM7627-3 chipset that installed in 800MHz Processor CPU Speed with 512ROm and 384MB RAM (two thump up!). This quite good enough. Another good news is the Platform of OS. This Device runs with Android 2.2 Froyo as Operating System Platform (the one that we absolutely recommend, we do love Android!). It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v3.0, and USB with microUSB v2.0 supported!

Another important features that you might like are the GPS supported with A-GPS which can be used along with Google Maps, GeoTagging Picture, TeleNav GPS Navigator, Getting Driving Directions, YouTube, TwiDroid, Android Market, Wireless Chatroom with Hookt, Preloaded SCVNGR Games, GTalk, GMail, Google Search, Google Calendar, ThinkFree Office for microsoft office document viewer (.doc word, .xls excel, .ppt powerpoint) and of course can plays both Video and Audio Music (MP3, MP4, WAV, H.264, H.263, AAC)

Table of Contents of Samsung Prevail SPH M820 Boost Mobile Manual User Guide

You Phone’s Menu
Getting Started;
Setting Up Your Device
Activating Your Device
Setting Up Your Voicemail
Boost Account Passwords
Getting Help,
You Phone;
Device Basics
Making and Answering Calls
Wireless and Networks
Call Settings
Display Settings
Language Settings
Location Settings
Security Settings
Application Settings
Android Development
Accessibility Settings
Voice Input and Output Settings
Device Updates and Information
Resetting Your Phone
Search Settings,
Call Log
Calendar and Tools:
Before You Begin
My Files
Clock / Alarm
ThinkFree Office
Updating Your Device Firmware
Updating Your Android Operating System
Updating Your Profile,
Voice Services
microSD Card
Turning Bluetooth On / Off
Using the Bluetooth Settings Menu
Pairing Bluetooth Devices
Sending Contacts via Bluetooth
Disconnecting Bluetooth during Active Call,
Boost Service Features;
The Basics
Web and Data Services
Entertainment Music Video Games
GPS Navigation,
Safety and Warranty Information

Samsung Prevail SPH M820 Boost Mobile Manual User Guide English Spanish PDF Download

Just Short Overview about the Picture below: It is a series of picture that would help you on working with the Prevail for the first time. From how to open the back cover / casing of the Phone, learning to assembling the battery or remove it, how to insert microSD Card, Charging the Battery and more (page 30, 31 and page 126).

Samsung Prevail SPHM 820 Manual User Guide Boost Mobile Open Case Close Casing Insert microSD Card Charging Install Assemble Battery PDF Download

Samsung Prevail SPHM 820 Manual User Guide Boost Mobile - Open Case Close Casing Insert microSD Card Charging Install Assemble Battery - PDF Download

The fastest way to download the following User Manual of Samsung Prevail (English and Spanish) below, is “right click the link” and then “Save links as”. If you just click the link directly it would open in online mode in your web browser (recommended browser: FireFox 4, Chrome 11 , IE 9).

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