Samsung Profile SCH R580 User Manual & Specifications for US Cellular

The uniqueness of Samsung Profile SCH R580 placed in the form factor and design body of the Phone. Take a look at the picture of Samsung Profile Below. It has “closed” conditions and “open” condition. In closed view, the form factor of Samsung Profile is candy bar form factor with numeric keypad and 2.4 inches Display screen, while open view, you’ll be able to slide the 4 row Physical Qwerty keyboard, the ways it means, using slider form factor. Therefore, we can said that the Samsung Profile has candy bar numeric keypad with slide side out qwerty keyboard form factor. It remains us about the Nokia Communicator Design. 😀

In US, you can get this Phone along with US Cellular Carrier (black color), although Samsung Profile for CDMA Generic Carrier (unlocked) also available (in Red edge strip / red rear with black color on front body). Samsung SCH R580 US Cellular run under dual band CDMA at frequency 800MHz and 1.9GHz. For the battery, the Phone included with 3.7 volt lithium ion 1.140mAh that can be used around 6 hours for talking mode and up to 300 hours in standby condition. For the memory, the Samsung Profile installed with 100MB internal memory and supports microSD Slot that capable to be used with microSD up to 16G in Size Storage.

Samsung Profile SCH R580 Manual User Guide US Cellular Tech Specs PDF

Samsung Profile SCH R580 Manual User Guide and Specifications Sheet US Cellular

Additional Features in Samsung Profile R580 US Cellular are, Bluetooth Technology Connectivity that also supports wireless bluetooth headset A2DP Profile, 2 Megapixel Camera with Video Recorder ability or as Camcorder, Digital Zoom, Multi Shot, and Camera Tools (Color Effects, Brightness, Night Shot, White balance, etc), Voice SVC for Voice Recognition Software (Command with Voice), Music Player that supports MP3, unprotected AAC, AAC+ and WMA, EaseEdge, and many more.

Information Guide / Specifications Sheet of Samsung Profile | Language: English US | Pages: 2 | PDF Size: 3.11 MB

For the Information Guide or Specifications Sheet PDF File above, it only consist some part of Specification of the Phone and quick help on using the Phone. It is not describe full detail Specifications of Samsung Profile SCH R580. That the “thing” that you should knew before you download the File.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Profile SCH R580 User Guide Manual US Cellular PDF Resume

Samsung Profile SCH R580 User Manual Keys Functions US Cellular PDF

Samsung Profile SCH R580 User Manual - Keys Functions US Cellular

User Manual Samsung Profile US Cellular | Pages: 130 | PDF Size: 2.32MB | Language: American English

Samsung Profile SCH R580 User Guide Manual US Cellular PDF Download and Resume

We got a little trouble on getting the User Guide / User Manual of Samsung Profile US Cellular because the User Guide PDF File is not available in Samsung Official website (, but with a little patient finally we got the proper User Guide for you (from the carrier of Samsung Profile SCH R580 website –

You had to understand first that the Samsung Profile did not have WiFi for internet connectivity, so there only option for getting connected to the internet is using Phone’s Data Networks Carrier. About the User Guide of Samsung Profile, it would help you to learn thoroughly the features and tools inside the Phone. For example, You can learn how to use Bluetooth and also to pairing with others device at Section 10:Tools, on pages 84 to 86. Using 2MP Camera for Video Recording? Just open on page 66.

The most part on Samsung SCH R580 User Guide that you must read, in our personal opinion are the part of the Manual that tell you how to understand the Phone Keys and Parts Functions (picture) both in Open and Closed Condition. This Instruction Tutorial can be found at Section 2: Understanding Your Phone. There are so many of Guidance in there, for example you can learn how to insert microSD, installing SIM card and Battery for the first times, Using easyedge to get Games and Application, get Ringtones and Ringback tones via Tone Room, and many more.

Table of Contents of Samsung Profile SCH R580 User Manual US Cellular

Table of Contents
Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Call Functions
Understanding Your Contacts
Camera Camcorder
Accessing Multimedia
Using Your Music Player
My Ringtones,
Voice SVC
Tools Menu
Voice Service
Memo Pad
Alarm Clock
World Time
Stop Watch
Tip Calculator,
Display settings
Sounds Settings
Call Settings
Phone Settings
Memory Info
Phone Info,
Health and Safety Information
Warranty Information

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