Samsung Replenish SPH M580 User Guide & Specifications for Sprint

Save the Earth for the future of Mankind. This is one of popular slogan to propaganda how we can live with the earth in mutual ways without going to harm our future of mankind. This sometime also drive to a well-known term likes “Green Behavior”. Why we discussed about Green and Earth in this User Guide Manual (Smartphone and Gadget) PDF Download and Review. It because the Smartphone that we wanna discuss is one of example Smartphone that uses “friendly” material. Yes Samsung Replenish (the one that we wanna discuss) designed with recyclable plastics (bio-plastics) and being package with environmentally packaging tools.

You might noticed that this Recyclable Material also been used for Smartphone of Sony Ericsson which been named as “GreenHeart” Phone. Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and Sony Ericsson Cedar are two examples of “GreenHeart” Phones by SE.

Forget about “GreenHeart”, let go back to Samsung Replenish. In United State (US), Samsung Replenish comes with Sprint Carrier and also familiar with dubbed series name as Samsung SPH M580.

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Coming with Quarter View Graphics Array on 2.8 inched Touchscreen with Combination of Physical Qwerty Keyboard on side by side (above and lower: see the image) make you able to be used for both Touchscreen and Physical Keyboard at the same time without need to flip it our or slide it out. You can also find the same design form factor like this Samsung Replenish, the mono block / candy bar form factor, on others Smartphone Vendor, such as Motorola Droid Pro that also uses the same design form factor with combination of the Physical Qwerty Keyboard.

The Display Screen of Samsung Replenish that uses QVGA 256K Colors uses TFT Touchscreen Material as the Display Touchscreen and has 240 x 320 pixels Resolution Screen at 2.8 inches Display Diagonal Diameter (as we already mentioned above). It also has built-in Accelerometer Sensor Movement that capable to changes automatically its Angle or Orientation between Landscape or Portrait such as when you are view content image, webpage or videos (known well as Auto Rotate UI). It attached also with Proximity Sensor for Auto Turn Off Capability (Calling Mode).

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide Short Resume

Because this section we titled as Short Resume, we also provided a short capture of small part of User Manual / User Guide of Samsung Replenish. One example of this image can be seen at the figure below. It consist an explanation about keys and parts of the Phone and where it located at the Phone’s body.

If you spend you time reading the User Manual PDF of this handset (we share both Reading Online or you can download it directly), you can find that, actually, the Keys and Parts of the Replenish body, such as the Status Bar, Proximity Sensor, Search Keys, Back Keys, Camera Lens, external Speaker, Home Keys, Camere Button, Voice Dialer and more. You can view for right and left side view, front and back / rear view and also top or botton view. All available with its detail elaboration. Just open page 27 to page 31 of UM of this gadget (English Version) if you doubt it.

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide Keys Parts Resume

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide - Keys Parts - Resume

There a lot of instructions and tutorials available in the User Guide of Replenish. Thus, we just wanna pick a few of them that we like to make a short resume. Let start with how to use Sprint Service in Basics guide such as How you can Texting (SMS), how to make Multimedia Messaging (MMS) how to make 3-way Call, learning about Roaming or use Call Forwarding. Just go to page 142 until page 153 to find out more about this.

Go to page 92 and read the “most wanted” tutorial that usually been searched by anyone who wanna fix their phone which had a trouble such as the phone stop responding or the phone process suddenly too slow. Yes, it is the Factory Data Reset instruction or you can also said as Hard Reset / Master Reset. To do this just go Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything. Done!

How about learning how to use bluetooth such as Turn the Bluetoot On / Off (page 135), Using the Bluetooth Settings (page 136), Pairing it with other Devices (137) or Sending Contacts via Bluetooth (139) ? Don’t worry, it also available on Section 2I.Bluetooth Sub-Chapter.

There is alot of more step by step tutorial and instructional help. From how to use the Camera to Capture you best moment or Record it, how to Use The YouTube Apps and Watch the Video and even how to entertains yourself via Sprint TV or Sprint Music.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Specification Details

After reading the Specification of Samsung Replenish SPH-M580, we decided to categorized this Gadget as middle-end Smartphone (Not so high end but also not so lower-end). Let prove it about our claim. Replenish currently uses Qualcomm Processor with MSM 7627-2 (single core Processor) and has CPU Speed of 600 MHz. It runs with Android Froyo / Android Operating System 2.2 series and has 256MB RAM Memory also has 512MB ROM built-in internal memory. For external memory, the Samsung SPH-M580 included with 2GB microSD Card that need to be inserted to microSD Card slot (supports up to 32GB), before it ready to be used to store Media File such as Images/ Photos, Videos or Documents.

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide Specifications

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide - Specifications

Sprint Carrier that been bundled with Samsung Replenish uses CDMA Technology for its Data Networks Provider. This also means that this Device is not supports for GSM Networks. It currently uses CDAM 800 / 1900 and CDMA2000 1x EVDO Rev.0 up to 2.4Mbps. It also supports for Wi-Fi Technology specially for Sprint Hotspot WLAN. This means whenever you aren’t able to use the Sprint Data Networks (CDMA) but you are in the area of Sprint WLAN Hotspot you can connect with your Wi-Fi. It supports for b/g series (802.11 b/g type). You can also used your phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot (Wireless Router) along with the CDMA EVDO Rev.0. For Bluetooth and USB, it uses Bluetooth version 2.1 and USB with microUSB version 2.0.

As an Android Phone, you can download from Android Market hundred thousand application available in there, although, there some preloaded Google Android Applications inside the Replenish: Google Maps, Google Mail, GTalk, Picasa, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Maps Navigation, etc. Sprint preloaded Apps such as Sprint Football Live, NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile and Sprint Zone also available. For GPS Navigation and Tools, Samsung SPH M580 powered with A-GPS supports, and installed with TeleNav GPS Navigator with Driving Directions features.

How about the Camera? As a middle-end Smartphone, Samsung Replenish “only” equipped with 2 Megapixel Camera, 4x Digital Zoom, Fixed Focus and supports for Geo-Taggging and Video Recording. No secondary Camera!. It has 4.84 x 236 x 0.45 inches in Size ( same as 123 x 60 x 11 mm) with 4.1 ounces on weight (around 116 grams). The Battery uses standard battery with Li-Ion 1160 mAh up to 5 hours talk time.

MediaPlayer for both Video and Audio Music installed in Replenish (uses Android Media Player), supports these following formats: MP3, MP4, WAV, eAAC+, H.264 and H.263. The SPH M580 also has Java MIDP emulator, Document Viewer, and Predictive Text Input.

Table of Contents of Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide

Your Device’s Menu
Getting Started
Setting Up Service
Your Phone
Device Basics
Call Log
Calendar and Tools;
Before You Begin
Calendar Sync Configure, View Edit
My Files
Updating Your Device Firmware
Updating Your Profile
Updating Your PRL (Preferred Roaming List)
Updating Samsung Software,
Voice Service;
Voice Dialing
Open Menus with Voice Dialer
Text to Speech
Voice Search,
microSD Card
Taking Pictures
Recording Videos
Sprint Service;
The Basics
Web and Data Services:
Get Started with Data Services
Navigating the Web
Sprint Mobile Hotspot
Using the Android Market
Sprint Applications
Data Services FAQs,
Sprint TV
GPS Navigation,
Safety and Warranty Information

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide PDF Download English Spanish

You can download the User Guide / User Manual of Samsung Replenish below by right click the links and then save the links as or copy paste the links and then download it with your Download Manager. It available for two langauge: English and Spanish / Espanol. Pick the one that suit for your language.

But before you do that, let me explain the Picture that we embedded at this post (below):

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide Open Close Cover Casing Assemble Battery Insert microSD Storage Card Charging PDF Download

Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint Manual User Guide - Open Close Cover Casing Assemble Battery Insert microSD Storage Card Charging - PDF Download

The Picture above is a series of image tutorial how you can learn to assembling the Samsung Replenish before you going to turning it on for the first time. It obviously can be found under “Setting Up Your Device” Section on page 16 to page 17 and also page 111. How you can open the back cover in “correct” wasy, how to close it again (casing), how to assembling the battery, charging it properly and also how to insert the microSD Card. (There is no SIM Card Install tutorial!).


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