Samsung SGH E250 User Manual

Previously, we only discussed and shared the Phone and it’s Manual on the latest / newest Series or at least not quite old fashioned, but right now we would try to share the older Phone Series from Samsung: Samsung SGH E250. This E250 was familiarized because of the world wide sold out ever achieved by Samsung Phone.

The Samsung SGH E250 used Slider Design Form Factor with traditional four row numeric keypad. The Phone do had a camera and capable to record Video (camcorder), though it only used VGA Camera. Compare to the recent camera, the Camera of SGH E250 is like “nothingness”. The Phone can plays mp3, aac, and aac+ Music formats and also can record Video into 3GP and MPEG4.

Samsung SGH E250 User Guide Manual PDF

Samsung SGH E250 User's Guide Manual

Samsung SGH E250 also has Bluetooth Wireless Device, USB Version 1.1 and capable to be used as Mobiele Email Client that supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP4. For the User Memory storage, it has 11MB Memory and 4MB for Java, and capable to save up to 1000 phone book entries. Of course, because this phone is truly “old fashioned” there would be no WiFi, , or capable to be used as Video Calling, but the Phone supports microSD external memory card.

Additional Features you can try in this Phone including, Calendar, Scheduler, Clock, Worldtime, Alarm, Currency Converter, Stopwatch, Countdown timer, Memo book, and more.

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Samsung SGH E250 User Guide Manual PDF Download

Samsung SGH E250 User Guide Keys Functions Locations Overview PDF

Samsung SGH E250 User's Guide - Keys Functions Locations Overview

Samsung SGH E250 User’s Guide | Language: English | PDF File: 2.0 MB in Size | Pages: 140

Samsung SGH E250 User Guide Manual Summary Contents
If you like to now the basic instruction guide such as how to install the battery, inserting the SIM Card, or opening / removing the battery body, you can learn with pic to do that from page 7 of the User’s Guide of Samsung SGH E250. On page 6 of the UG, you can learn how to understand the Phone keys and also function (pictured at the image above).

Just like we said above, the Samsung E250 supports external microSD card and you can learn how to insert a memory card or used card adapter (including how to remove it), from page 29. Wanna listening the radio and find a proper channel that you might like? open page 20 and you can find how to do it!. How about the tutorial and help on using the Bluetooth device including to pairing it with other Bluetooth Devices? The Guidance can be found if you open page 17 of the User’s Guide of the Phone.

There a lot more guidance available in the PDF of User’s Guide / User’s Manual of Samsung SGH E250 that you can understand and learn, such as using the Camera, Playing Music, Send SOS Message, Using Headset (accessories), Solving Problem (Troubleshooting) and many more.

Table of Contents of Samsung SGH E250 User Guide

Important Safety Precautions
Special Features of Your Phone
Overview of Menu Functions
Your Phone
Get Started
Step Outside the Phone
Enter Text
Call Functions
Menu Functions;
Call Log
My Files
Solve Problems
Health and Safety Information

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  1. Mohamad Anees says

    Dear Mr/Miss
    Could you please guide me for the required acrobat reader that allows me to read Pdf files on SGH-E250 and how to set it up if possible please
    Best Regards

  2. sally says

    Est ce qu’il ya une procédure sur samsung e250 pour enregister des appels entrant pendant que le mobile est fermé. Merci

  3. says

    hi all this web
    my comment is i have sgh-e250 samsung mobile but the radio software doesn’t work please send the software program.
    thank you

  4. Kevin says

    morning, i am unable to use any sim card in my Samsung E250. it only accepts the first sim card i used. i tried resetting the phone but that did not work.

    please assist

    thank you

  5. theo says

    my Samsung is “rejecting” calls from 1 specific number

    can someone please advise as to where the setting is where I can teach the phone to accept calls from this number?

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