Samsung Showcase Galaxy S SCH I500 User Manual for Cellular South

There are 3 (three) Galaxy S that used SCH I500 Series; Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate Verizon, Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize US Cellular, and Samsung Galaxy S Showcase Cellular South.

Integrated with Android 2.1 Eclair as the Mobile Operating System by Google, make this Showcase SCH I500 also installed with many of Google Mobile Services such as Google Maps, YouTube, GMail, Google Search, Google Latitude, and also Android Market. Just like others SCH I500 (Galaxy S), the Showcase also attached with 5 Megapixel Camera / Camcorder with Auto Focus, LED Light and also 4 times Digital Zoom. It also used 4″ Dislplay Screen with Super AMOLED TouchScreen. As you can see at the picture below, the SCH I500 Cellular South designed with Touch Candy Bar form factor.

Samsung ShowCase SCH I500 Galaxy S User Guide Manual Cellular South PDF

Samsung ShowCase SCH I500 Galaxy S User Guide Manual Cellular South

There a lot of Application that already installed in the Samsung Galaxy S Showcase. For example, Facebook Applications, Calendar, Audio and Video Player, ThinkFree Office for Microsoft Office Document Viewer, Google Talk, MySpace, TouchWiz 3.0, and if you still want to install the others Applications, you can download the thousand of Applications from Android Market.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Showcase Galaxy S SCH I500 Manual User Guide Cellular South PDF Download

Samsung Showcase SCH I500 Galaxy S User Manual  Front Key Functions Layout PDF

Samsung Showcase SCH I500 Galaxy S User Manual - Front Key Functions Layout

Samsung Showcase Cellular South User Manual | Language: English US| Pages: 170 | Size PDF: 7.66 MB

Samsung Showcase Galaxy S SCH I500 Manual User Guide Cellular South PDF Overview

If you are hand over the Showcase for the first time, you need to understand how to use the phone with proper Operating Instructions. The First step should be understanding the Phone and Keys (pictured) then you can learn how to assembling the Phone with battery or sim Card or memory card (Section 1 and Section 2: Getting Started with Phone and Understanding Phone from User Manual contents of Samsung Showcase).

At page 77 of User Manual, you’ll find an instruction help on how to use Camera to take Picture for Photography purpose. If you like to know how to use Wifi and Bluetooth, you can learn from Section 10: Connections at page 84 (Wifi Configuration and Settings/ Turning on off), and at page 86 (turning off on Bluetooth and Pairing it with others Bluetooth Device). Others Tutorial in User Guide / Manual of Samsung Galaxy S Showcase SCH I500 Cellular South are (just few of them), Free Games Tutorial, using Clock, how to use Calculator, Make a Gallery, Learning using ThinkFree to open word, excel and power point document, Warranty, Creating Google Account, Updating Status on Facebook, and many more.

Table of Contents of Samsung Showcase Galaxy S SCH I500 User Manual Cellular South

Samsung Showcase
Table of Contents
Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Call Functions
Contacts and Accounts
Entering Text
Web and Social Networking
Pictures and Video;
Video Player
Airplane Mode
Mobile Networks
Memory Card,
Applications and Widgets;
Amazon MP3
Asphalt 5
Barcode Scanner
Google Latitude
Google Maps
Android Market
Mini Diary
My Files
Task Manager
ThinkFree Office
Write & Go
Healt and Safety Information
Warranty Information

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  1. Timothy R. Smith says

    I have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Showcase/Mesmerize smartphone.
    I receive e-mails from two or three sources that are very high in volume of daily e-mails which I still want to receive but do not want to ‘clog’ my inbox on my Galaxy.
    When I had a Blackberry, I could signify that e-mails from certain sources would be blocked on my Blackberry (though still received on my Acer notebook via Outlook and designated as ‘spam’ so that they went into my ‘Junk’ folder on Outlook and could be viewed separately from my other e-mail).
    So … how do I block e-mails from a few selected sources from being received on my Galaxy S, but still able to be received on my laptop ??
    Thank You !!
    However in the last three weeks, this has not worked on my Acer notebook or my new smartphone.
    ‘Ask Comcast’ kept telling me to right click on the email that I desire to block/separate, but ‘New Folder’ is not an option … only ‘Junk Mail’ and I repeated so designate it and nothing happens ????? Future emails from those eddresses still come to and to ‘clog’ my regular ‘Inbox.’ How can I solve this huge nuisance and separate out the emails from those several large-volume sources ???

  2. deandre says

    I just wonna know…….wheres the front facing camera on the samsung showcase i500.If so please email me.THANKS

  3. Young says

    I too want to know how to use the front facing camera or if there even is one. Like what the heck is the two dots for? Is it a camera or not? I have a SCH-i500 obviously, and still cant figure it out. I have searched and researched and seem to run into dead ends. Please email me asap!

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