Samsung Strive SGH-A687 User Manual & Specifications for AT&T

There are hundred or may be thousand of User Manual of Smartphone / Tablet or Mobile Phone which are available in the net that currently we couldn’t shared and discussed at this blog. Although we actually able to share most of them if we just need to give you the download link of each PDF Manual, but we created this blog not for that poor reason. If you want to do like that just go to google and you’ll find many of those kind of “resources” as many as you want. We are here to bring you a better way on serving the Manual of PDF of Smartphone, Tablet, Mobile Phone or on the future all of Manual of Gadget / Electronic available in the net with deep elaboration and served in better and quality of the page.

Samsung Strive SGH a687 AT&T Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Strive SGH a687 AT&T Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Forget about our murmuring above. Let get to the business. Samsung Strive in United State works together along with AT&T Carrier. This SGH A687 Series by Samsung uses slide out form factor design with Physical Qwerty Keyboard. Along with 4 rows Qwerty Keyboard, the Strive also has 2.6 inches Display Touchscreen Size (Diagonal Diameter) and uses TFT resistive Touchscreen with 256K colors. It also comes with 240 x 320 pixels Resolution Screen.

Samsung Strive SGH A687 Manual User Guide AT&T Short Resume

Just for short resume about this phone can be understand by simple reading the Table of Content that we provided in “Contents” Tab. For the figures below is the image tutorial how you can learn you phone and understand the keys and parts of the phone. We had edited for you to make it simple and easy to understand as it shown on the image below. The real tutorial are not like this, it only shown the number and also had separated keys and parts elaboration and explanation. Go to page 14 and read by your self about this.

Samsung Strive SGH a687 AT&T Manual User Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

Samsung Strive SGH a687 AT&T Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

You can learn how to know the functions of the Power Keys/ End Keys, learning to use Silent mode and Space keys, Camera keys, back keys, and more.

In the case you wanna reset you phone (the reasons can be varied, from you don’t like the settings that you’ve done, or the phone getting slower or had any trouble on navigation and else), you can do with these steps: Menu > Settings > Phone > Reset Phone > All Settings reset to Factory Defaults, Continue? > Yes > Enter Password > Confirm > Done (the detail of this tutorial instruction, please read on page 41).

How about setting the alarm tutorial or how to use Voice Recognition? How about using Navigator to find your favorite place, or airports or businesses? How about learning to use XM Radio or downloading Music by Shopping it first? All available in the User Manual PDF That we already shared on “PDF Download” Tab or in the “Read Online Section”. Just Enjoy!

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Strive SGH A687 AT&T Specifications

The phone works only for GSM Data technology with AT&T and do not supports for 3G UMTS / HSDPA. There are no much Specification that we can share about this Samsung Strive. Thus we just wanna make it simple and fast on reviewing ths Samsung SGH a687 for AT&T. First of all, this device has 80MB built in internal memory and supports for microSD Card up to 32GB. If you want to expand the memory, you need to buy this microSD separately.

Samsung Strive SGH a687 AT&T Manual User Guide Specifications

Samsung Strive SGH a687 AT&T Manual User Guide - Specifications

As long as we found about availability of colors body, the Strive SGH a687 only available for Black color edition. It installed with AT&T Navigator and can be used as you driving navigator along with GPS which A-GPS supports (only). Because this mobile phone is not a kind of smartphone, you will not see any Operating System installed in Samsung Strive. Even, the phone did not has Wi-Fi.

Although you can’t use Wi-Fi with this gadget, you can get Bluetooth version 2.1 with A2DP supports (for Wireless Stereo Headset Profile) and has microUSB version 2.0 for High Data Transfer to PC or Laptop. The Phone has Camera with 2Megapixel Resolution and capable to create Video Recording.

For the Music Player, these are the following audio formats that capable to be runs on the Strive: MP3, WAV, WMA, adn eAAC+, and for the Video it supports MP4 and H.263. Of course standard voice and message communication such as SMS, MMS, and Email are available. It supports als with MIDP 2.0 and has Java Games. XM Radio also included.

Table of Contents of Samsung Strive SGH A687 Manual User Guide AT&T

Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Menu Navigation
Entering Text
Call Functions
Changing Your Settings
Understanding Your Address Book
My Stuff;
My Stuff Functions
Memory Card Settings
Online Locker
Other Files
Used Space,
Using the Camera
Camera Options
Using the Camcorder
Camcorder Options,
Mobile Video
Games and Applications
Cool Tools/ Apps
Color Graphics
Answer Tones
Media Net Home
AppCenter Options,
AT&T Music;
Accessing AT&T Music
Using the Music Player
Using Playlists
Shop Music/ Tones
MusicID 2
Using XM Radio
Accessing Music Videos
Music Applications,
Shopping for GPS Applications
AllSport GPS
Launching AT&T Navigator
Using Navigator
Obtaining Driving Directions
Mobile Web;
Accessing the Mobile Web
Navigation with the Mobile Web
Enter a URL
Search the Internet
My Shortcuts
My Account
Using Bookmarks
Emptying the Cookies
Using your History
Changing the WAP Profiles,
Voice Recognitions
Record Audio
Recent Calls
Tip Calculator
World Clock
Health and Safety Information
Warranty Information

Samsung Strive SGH A687 Manual User Guide AT&T PDF Download

And here are the guidance manual that would allow you to open the back cover of the phone properly then to insert the SIM Card or installing the memory card. Thus, you can assemble / remove the battery and replace the back cover case again. Go to Getting Started Chapter on page 9 of the PDF Manual of Samsung Strive SGH A687 to the detail how you can do these properly, including charging the battery and power the phone on or off.

Samsung Strive SGH a687 AT&T Manual User Guide Open Back Cover Case Insert SIM Install MicroSD Card Assemble Remove Replace Battery Charging PDF Download

Samsung Strive SGH a687 AT&T Manual User Guide - Open Back Cover Case Insert SIM Install MicroSD Card Assemble Remove Replace Battery Charging - PDF Download

There are only two manual that we could found and share with you. If you don’t familiar with English or Spanish, we suggest you to open your dictionary and start to translate it by you own, or you can search on googling to find other Language which are available (French, Italian, German for example)

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    i need to create a new Access Point Name. I am using this phone with straight talk. cannot send and recieve pictures until this is done. can u help me?

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