How to Do Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 with S Pen

On Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000 there are three ways you can perform ScreenShot on your Phone Tablet: First by using Android Applications software that you need to download from Google Play / Android Market, Second by using combination keys of power button and home button, and the Third by using S Pen. The fastest way of course goes to S Pen utility.

Here are the tutorial of the ways you can do Screenshot on Galaxy Note.

Do Screen Shot Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000 S Pen

Do Screenshot Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000 S Pen - Press button + Hold touch Screen

First release your S Pen, then your galaxy note screen where you wanna try to make screenshot. Finally make this combination keys with your S Pen.

Press the button of your S Pen using your forefinger > then touch and hold the S Pen to the Galaxy Note’s Screen for about 3 seconds > Done.

Here is the example that you can see.

Make ScreenShot Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000 S Pen Tutorial

Make Screenshot Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000 S Pen Tutorial

After you’ve done with the screenshot you can edit the image by using S Pen. As we you can see above, we added hand write it with “screenshot samsung galaxy note” letter.

Hope this would help you.

Note: All the images from screenshot would be saved in PNG Image type and this trick would also works on Galaxy Note SGH I171 for AT&T

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