Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc LT15i Extended User Guide

Out of the Box! That the design of Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc (that has a series name LT15/ LT 15i, because of this we can also called this phone as Sony Ericsson LT15i) is really out of the box aka unique and differ. Take a look for awhile at the picture that we gave you below, and you’ll got what we means about the “uniqueness and out of the box” term in judging this Arc by SE: Sleek, Slim, Curve and Macho.

Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide Specs Overview

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide - Specs Overview

In comparison to other Smartphone handset, Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc’s Display Screen which comes with Touchscreen User Interface along side Onscreen Virtual Qwerty Keyboard can be categorize as an Gadget with Large Touchscreen Display. Equipped with 4.2 inches Diagonal Display Screen Size at 480 x 854 Pixels (FWVGA) Resolution would make this SE Arc is quite good enough to get an experiencing watching the Video or seeing an image directly from the Screen. Playing 3D Games or Game that used Touchscreen UI would be very smooth and easy.

The Display of Arc uses LED Backlit LCD with Capacitive Touchscreen Display at 16M Colors. This type of LED Backlit LCD would gave you a bright and clear display screen even when you use the phone under bright light source such as sun light or halogen lamp light. Of course common Display Touchscreen tools and features such as Scratch Resistant Surface, Auto-Rotate with Accelerometer, Auto Turn off with Proximity Sensor, Timescape UI, Multi Touch Input method also available. One Other features that specially design for Sony Arc Touchscreen Display is the Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine that would gave you a Television Screen Technology in front of your eye from this Gadget. The Touchscreen Display of this Arc is named by Sony Ericsson as “Reality Display”.

Sony Ericsson Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide Resume

Actually, the Keys Parts Tutorial that we gave you below is not the same with the Image that available in the Extended User Guide of Sony Ericsson Arc PDF File which can be read at page 11. We make a little adjustment and re-arrangement to be able to serve the screenshot of the Keys and Part of SE Arc. Just like you can see and read, it consist of an overview how you can understand the phone parts and its keys such as the Camera and LED Flash location, Speaker, Strap Hole, Headset connector, the Volume or Zoom Keys, the microphone and many more.

Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide Keys Parts Resume

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide - Keys Parts Layout Phone Body- Resume

Although the User Manual of Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc LT15i is named by using Extended term, in our point of view, the elaboration and step by step tutorial is not deep enough compare to the other User Manual form other Manufacturer (Samsung or HTC for example), but it still worthy enough by having and reading the Manual. For example you can learn how you can use the Alarm Clock to set new alarm, to add an alarm or change alarm sound or ring tone. It look so simple instruction about how to use the Alarm Clock. If you don’t believe just go to page 51 and you will figure it out what we means about this.

For Guideline on Pairing the Bluetooth of Arc with another Bluetooth Device you can find the overview of Bluetooth Pairing and also step by step instructional at page 87, 88 and 89. It would help you to turning on the Bluetooth, Scan the Device find other Bluetooth, Entering the Passcode if required and also how to send file or receive it or use A2DP Profile. Of course you can also learn how to disconnect the bluetooth and then turning it off.

If you like to learn how to use Wi-Fi technology therefore you can use Sony Ericsson Arc to access the Internet wirelessly in hotspot area or you wanna create your own Wi-Fi Hotspot using the Phone or wanna create Virtual Private Networks aka VPNs, just open chapter “Connecting to Wireless Networks” on the EUG of the LT15i PDF Manual at page 56 to page 60.

If you had any trouble and you wanna to find the answer of you problem, you can go to Troubleshooting Chapter and looking for an answer from there. It also consist of a tutorial how you can Reset your Phone (usually if you got wrong setting and wanna rolled back your setting like the ways it was bought on your hand for the first time) you can read at page 106. It would help you to use Soft Reset, Factory Data Reset, Reset Phone, Erase SD Card / empty it (sometime also called as Hard Reset or Master Reset if you choose to Factory Data Reset Option).

Others Tutorial that available in the Extended User Guide of SE Arc are using the phone camera to create video recording, tuning the FM Radio to find a Radio channel, error message explanation, sync the phone, using USB cable, Using GPS, Getting Direction or find your destination by usign the Google Navigation (along with aGPS) that capable to get turn by turn instructions how to get a place both spoken and displayed on the phone screen, learning to pay when you bought apps / games from Android Market, Using HDMI port, and more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc LT15i Specifications

Now let discuss more about the Applications, Hardware and other features come along with this Smartphone. Do you know the latest version of Android OS by Google that specially designed for Smarphone or mobile phone? Yes, it is the Android version 2.3 or sometime also called as Android Gingerbread. As long as we knew, the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) was the newest version of Android at this time (per April 2011) but this version is only designed for Table OS, not Smartphone OS.

Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide Specifications Detail

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide - Specifications Detail

For the Hardware in responsible the process of the Sony Ericsson Arc. The XPeria Arc equipped with 1GHz CPU Processor speed that used Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chipset (named as Scropion Processor, Andreno 205 GPU), and works along with embedded memory of RAM at 512MB and 320MB for internal storage memory. For External Storage file, the SE Arc has microSD slot that can be used up to 32GB (32GB microSD not included in the box, only 8GB that been included).

Unfortunately, even though at the rear/ back body of the Sony Ericsson LT15i was attached with 8.1 Megapixel Camera, you can’t find any secondary camera that usually placed in the front body for Video Calling Option. Don’t know how you can make Video Call if the Camera only available in the back side of this handset. The Camera also comes with Touch Focus feature and other Camera features such as Geo Tagging, Image Stabilizer, Face Detection and Smile Detection, Red Eye reduction, LED Flash Light, Auto Fcous, HD Video Recording with Video Light and Video Stabiliser, Digital Zoom up to 2.46x and more.

As and Android Phone, the Google Services such as Google Search, Picasa Web Album, YouTube, Google Voice Search, Google Search, Google Maps with Street View, Google Latitude, Google Calendar, Android Market, Google Talk, GMail also included. Don’t worry if you wanna use the Arc to access your Facebook or Twitter Account. The SE Arc has already installed with Twitter-Timescape Integration and also Facebook Application.

Connectivity: Although it might be had difference depend on the Phone supposed to be bundling with the Phone’s Carrier or Regional (Country), it been officially said that Sony Ericsson Arc LT15i is using GSM Technology that supports both 2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS HSDPA. GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz and 3G HSDPA 900 /2100 (global), and HSDPA 850 /1900 /2100 /800 (seems to be in US region, usually used series with a footer likes this one LT15a = Sony Ericsson LT15a (prediction). It also equipped with Wi-Fi WLAN that supports IEEE 802.11 b, g and n series, can be used as Wi-Fi Hostpot and DLNA. For Bluetooth it uses Bluetooth version 2.1 with A2DP and also USB with microUSB version 2.0.

Others Applications that available in Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc: OfficeSuite for Read and View Document File, GPS, turn by turn Navigation with Voice, Driving Instructions, News And Weather, Music and Video Player for MP3, MP4, eAAC+, 3GPP / 3GP / H.263 / H.264, WMV, WMA, WAV, FM Radio, NeoReader barcode, Adobe Flash 10.1 and more.

Table of Contents of Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide

Important Information
Android – What and Why?
Getting Started
Getting to Know Your Phone
Google Talk
Sony Ericsson Timescape
Android Market
Getting Organised;
Alarm Clock,
Connecting to Wireless Networks
Web Browser
FM Radio
Taking Photos and Recording Videos
Viewing Your Photos Videos in Gallery
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Connecting Phone to a Computer
Connecting Phone to TV Set
Location Services;
Using GPS
Google Maps
Getting Directions,
Locking and Protecting Your Phone
Updating Your Phone
Phone Settings Overview
Icons Overview
Applications Overview
User Support
Legal Information

Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide PDF Download

The Picture tutorial below is an instruction manual how you can insert / assembling the SIM Card from your Provider Carrier and also the microSD Card to the body of Sony Ericsson Arc. You can also find how to Open the Back cover of the Phone and then find the slot of microSD and SIM Cards that located side by side with the battery including the image manual how you can remove its. It available on User Guide of the Arc Phone that can be read at page 8, and page 9 for how you can turning on / off the Phone manually.

Sony Ericsson XPeria Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide Open Back Battery Insert SIM microSD Card Turn On Off PDF Download

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc LT15i Manual Extended User Guide - Open Back Battery Insert SIM microSD Card Turn On Off - PDF Download

Actually, this Manual Links is available three days ago, but when we tried to download it, it said that the links was broken and can not be downloaded. After waiting for a while and tried it so many time, finally 5 hours ago we could download the PDF Extended User Guide Manual of Sony Ericsson Arc LT15i then we could make review and share with you. If you got any trouble on downloading the Manual, we will gave you the mirror link of the Manual of Arc below, though it seems that right now, the link is fine and can be downloaded smoothly. Enjoy

Sync with USB to PC: PC Companion Download (25.7MB)

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    Great phone, fast, thin and lightweight, sexy looking and very responsive… The only issue and the reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is that it lacks a front facing camera for video calls.

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