Sony Ericsson Aspen M1i Extended User Guide

Sony Ericsson Aspen M1i is the newest (until December 2010) Mobile Device by Sony Ericsson that used GreenHearth Material. The GreenHearth means that most of the material embedded in Aspen are eco-friendly, including the replacement of Printed-Paper Manual (User Guide) with e-Manual in the Phone (Note: Instead of using the electronic Manual available in Aspen, it is better that you use and learn from the PDF Manual of Sony Ericsson Aspen: Extended User Guide, available in this page. It will give you a clearer view and faster load than using the Manual on the Phone.)

The Sony Ericsson Aspen used Touch Screen User Interface ( 2.4 inch in Diagonal Diameter with 65K Color at 240 x 320 pixels QVGA Resolution), and Physical 4 row Qwerty Keyboard in MonoBlock (Bar) Form factor design (see the image). Aspen as long as we knew, available in two color (casing body), Iconic Black and White Silver. It has 100 MB Phone Memory (free memory may varied depend on the preconfiguration of the Aspen Phone), and can be expanded by using microSD external memory card max 16 GB. For Dimensional Size: 117.0 x 60.0 x 12.45 mm / 4.6 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches. For Data Networks, the Aspen support GSM GPRS EDGE UMTS and HSPA in Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHzFrequency (for UMTS/HSPA it works uner 900/1200Mhz)

Sony Ericsson Aspen M1i Extended User Guide Manual PDF

Sony Ericsson Aspen M1i Extended User Guide Manual

After making a little study about Sony Ericsson Aspen, we came into conclusion that Aspen is the first Sony Ericsson Phone that used Physical Qwerty Keyboard and Touch Screen in monoblock form factor body. The Qwety Keyboard usualy attached in the SE Phone in slider mode (Vivaz Pro, Xperia X10 mini Pro, for example), but in Aspen the Qwerty Keyboard used in the main body of the Phone.

The Aspen enhanced with 3.2 Megapixel Camera in rear body and has ability to create both Video and Picture Location tag (GeoTagging with aGPS), and has 4x Digital Zoom (max). If you are on the area that support HotSpot Area, you can use the Phone to connect to the internet with WiFi (recommended) but if the WiFi Area did not supported, you can use your Provider Data Networks to connect to the world wide web as GSM dial up Modem Device. The Aspen also been installed with Microsoft Office for Mobile (altogether with Window Mobile Operating System runs with), to open and edit word, excel, and powerpoint document.

For Additional Features added in Aspen you can read as follow: YouTube, aGPS, Google Maps, Google Search, Outlook Mobile for Email Mobile Client, Facebook Applications, USB supported, Bluetooth, Gokivo for search share and navigate location, Java Supported for games and Apps, Radio FM (Stereo with RDS), Music Player supports MP3, WMA and AAC and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony Ericsson Aspen M1i Manual Extended User Guide PDF Download

Wanna know how to power on the Aspen? How to use the volume? Learning the keys and part of the body of the phone. The picture below might help you a lot. It is one of the part section available on the User Guide (Extended) of Sony Ericsson Aspen M1i.

Sony Ericsson Aspen M1i Extended User Guide Phone Overview Keys Parts PDF

Sony Ericsson Aspen M1i Extended User Guide - Phone Overview Keys Parts

Otherwise, you can also learn how to do Master Reset by downloading and reading the manual that we gave you below. Enjoy!

Extended User Guide of Sony Ericsson Aspen | PDF Size: 3.9 MB | Language: English | Pages: 79

Spanish Version of Aspen User Guide | Download German UG | Download Italian | Download French

Sony Ericsson Aspen M1i Manual Extended User Guide PDF Overview

Short Review of the Manual: Extended User Guide of Aspen by SE: As written in explanation above, the Aspen GreenHearth used Windows Mobile OS, that why you can also used your hotmail or live account to connect using Windows Live Messenger in Aspen. The tutorial instruction how to use it you can find at page 44 from the EUG (extended User Guide). And if you like to know how to use Bluetooth and Wifi of the Aspen to connect to other device (bluetooth) or connect to wireless networks (WiFi), you can read the guidance help at pages 45 to 49.

And there are a lot more help available in EUG of Aspen, including how to browse the Web, Synchronizing with Computer using Microsoft ActiveSync, Installing Applications and Games, Taking Picture with 3.2 MP Camera, using FastGPS, Finding the IMEI, TroubleShooting that you might face and how to handle it, Assembling the Phone with Sim, Battery and Memory microSD (with tutorial pictures /images) and many more.

Table of Contents of Sony Ericsson Aspen M1i Extended User Guide

Getting Started
Getting to Know Your Phone
Updating Your Phone
Getting Connected
Web Browser
Applications and Games
Transferring Content
Location Services
Locking and Protecting Your Phone
Legal Information

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