Sony Ericsson Cedar J108i J108a Extended User Guide

Sony Ericsson Cedar has a Series name of J108i and J108a. That why we titled this Post as Sony Ericsson Cedar J108i J108a. The Cedar by Sony Ericsson is one of Mobile Phone that use GreanHeart features. This also means that you’ll not able to get a CD Manual or Paper of User Guide in the box of the phone (replaced with E-manual on the phone and also online manual user guide that you can get online, on this blog for example), no cable USB, used 50 percents recycled plastics for body material, no plastic box, and small packaged.

Sony Ericsson Cedar j108i j108a Manual User Guide

Sony Ericsson Cedar j108i j108a Manual Extended User Guide

The Sony Ericsson Cedar J108i / Cedar j108a equipped with 2 Megapixel Camera that can be used to capture moment as Video (Video Recording aka Camcorder) and as Picture (Camera Photography), and has 2x Digital Zoom. Of course you can also used this phone to play your favorite music and video using the SE Cedar Media Player with supported formats of 3gp, aac, mp4, m4a, mp3, amr-wb, amr, smf, wav, iMelody, Xmf, wma, eAAC, aac+, mpeg4, h.264, h.264, and more.

For others features in J108i / J108a including, Bluetooth Technology, Youtube, FM Radio, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter Application, Instant Messaging, and many more.

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Sony Ericsson Cedar J108i J108a Manual Extended User Guide Download

To the point. These are some of the User Guide of SE Cedar that we could share for you.

Download Extended User Guide SE Cedar J108i / J108a | English language | PDF Size: 1.8 MB

Download Spanish Version | Italian Version | Download German User Manual | Download French UG

Sony Ericsson Cedar j108i j108a Extended User Guide Keys Parts PDF

Sony Ericsson Cedar j108i j108a Extended User Guide - Keys Parts

And for the figure embedded above. It is the tutorial which also available on the User Guide of SE Cedar in which it would help you to understand all the available keys and parts on the body of the phone. By this you can learn where exactly the location of power button, navigation button and also volume button and more.

Sony Ericsson Cedar J108i J108a Manual Extended User Guide Resume

About the Manual of Sony Ericsson Cedar J108i / Sony Ericsson Cedar J108a that we gave you above it titled with Sony Ericsson Cedar Extended User Guide (EUG). Short Review about the content of the EUG SE Cedar; the User guide consists of instruction on assembling the Phone, Using the Phone Keys and Parts (pictured), tutorial to use Bluetooth (Pairing it for example), Using Modem, Make a file transfer, Taking Picture with 2MP Camera tutorial, how to operated the Phone to used Google Maps, Troubleshooting with the Phone, listening to Radio (Find the Stations Frequency), Plays 3D Games or Download the Games, Change Language Ringtone, Theme and Profiles help, and many more. About the table of contents o Sony Ericsson Cedar Extended User Guide you can read at below.

Table of Contents of Sony Ericsson Cedar J108i J108a Extended User Guide

Getting Started
Imaging; Camera, Video
Transferring and handling Content
More Features;
Flight Mode
Time and Date
Main Menu Layout
Screen Orientation
PIN Codes
Keypad Lock
IMEI Number.
Legal Information

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  1. dipu says

    Buy a mobile sonyericsson j108i. i on my mobile power but show that , start phone- ( normal mode & Flight mode ) . than cim card not open/ function is not run. i not use my phone. plz help me how start my mobile?

  2. rajneesh biswal says

    any application is not getting installed in my cedar & m not even able to download any application from my mobile web browser could u please help me out!!!!!!!!

  3. sushma says

    I activated email on my message setting in sony j108i.
    Eventhough I don’t get mails for every half an hour my currency gets deducted. how to turn off internet

    • sreekanth st says

      HELLO Sushma. I am SREEKANTH . I like the CEDAR mobile , so you ple give me that mobile .then contact…9846434380 ,thanks to you

  4. Angel says

    sir, how can i coonect my sony ericsson j108a phone to internet,, and also on free Facebook ??? I need a reply… thanks!!!

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