Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i User Manual

Two important Keywords: Sony Ericsson and Ducati. As we knew it already, If someone mentioned about Sony Ericsson, our mind always come with SmartPhone, Handset, Gadget, Mobile Phone, or Cellular Phone. How about Ducati? Ducati always make the though of us, raised the word or MotorCycle, MotoGP, and might be Valentino Rossi (The famous MotoGP Rider of the world, with 7 Title in all series! One of the Ducati Rider at this time, 2011, along with Nickey Hayden). Thus, How about gathering / gluing the Sony Ericsson and Ducati into one device? And the answer is this one: Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone!

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone is Sony Ericsson Z770i that been designed and packed like the ways the Ducati Color and Style of Motorcycle (MotoGP) look likes. As you can see at the picture below, the striping / graffiti design of this gadget used the Ducati style with black and red color, included with the picture of Ducati motorcycle on its and the word “DUCATI” on the front. Because it used flip out / clam cell form factor, whenever you open the Phone, the style of DUCATI and its motor would like to be united as one bid picture ornament.

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Manual Extended User Guide Specs Overview

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Manual Extended User Guide - Specs Overview

The Sony Ericsson Ducati aka Sony Ericsson Z770i, used double screen display: The External Screen that only used monochrome (black white colors) at 38 x 128 pixels Resolution, in purpose to get notification calls, messages, email, clock, battery and signal, and the other one for main Display Screen used 240 x 320 pixel Resolution with TFT 256K colors (about 2.2 inches in Diagonal Diameter)

In Some others version (without Ducati style) the Phone also named as Sony Ericsson Z770 (without “i” letter). It been almost three 3 years ago the Ducati by Sony Ericssson Phone was released, March, 2008. It currently supports HSDPA 2100 Mhz and GSM GPRS EDGE 900 / 1800 /1900 Mhz Data Networks Technology (may varied depend on the carrier and regional selection). For the details you can read it as follow: GPRS Class 10 up to 32 – 48 kbps, EDGE Class 10 up to 236,8 Kbps, HSPDA 3G up to 3.6 Mbps (download).

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Manual User Guide Resume

Inside the User Guide / User Manual of Sony Ericsson Ducati Z770i, precisely at page 8 and 9 under “Phone Overview” Section, you can learn about the Phone’s Layout and its Keys / buttons (for example the Connector or USB slot charger, C keys, Navigation keys, Silent Keys, Strap Holder, Memory card slot, Volume Keys an more). The Picture that we share below is the captured image that we already re-arranged for you from those pages.

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Manual Extended User Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

If you had any trouble or problem, usually the fastest way to restore or fix you problem is using reset setting. You can use reset setting if you just wanna change back the setting to the default or even you can use Master Reset option select “Reset All” to change all data, contact, behaviour settings, applications back to the first time you bought the Phone (delete all downloaded apps and games). The Tutorial to do that can be found at page 66 under “Troubleshooting” Chapter.

Open page 59 of the PDF File Manual of the Ducati Z770i by SE under “More Features” chapter. At that page you can read the step by step instruction and help tutorial how you can set the alrm clock or time, set the alarm to silent mode, set the recurrent alarm, and also how to turning off the alarm.

How about using Bluetooth? for example you wanna pairing it with other bluetooth device (need to turning on first) or you wanna like to receive file by bluetooth from your Computer or PC? All the guidance regarding how to do that (including using A2DP Wireless Stereo Headsets) can be read and learn from page 52.

By Downloading the PDF File and Read it using PDF Reader such as Acrobat Reader, you can also learn the issued such as how to use the USB Cable, learning to use the Phone as Modem, Change Settings such as Language, Time and Date, or else, Surfing the Internet, Updating the Service, and even how to use the Camera as camcorder. Just download the File that we provided already under “Manuals Download” Tab.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Specifications

We had a bad news for you, especially, the you that love to make Video Calling, because this Sony Ericsson Ducati did not installed with secondary Camera. It only has 2 Megapixel Camera that can create both Image and Video (Photo shot and Camcorder) in the rear / back of the body (with this cam, there is no way you can use it as Video Calling Camera). For the Video it capable to handle up to 15 frame per second on QVGA quality video and for Picture Image Capture it was able to make 1600 x 1200 pixel Resolution (maximum).

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Manual Extended User Guide Specifications Detail

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Manual Extended User Guide - Specifications Detail

There is on important feature that also been absented in this Ducati Z770i: The Wi-Fi / WLAN. Yup, the only internet connection that you could use when you wanna browser your favorite website or connect to Social Networking site such as Facebook or Twitter is using the Carrier Data Network (3G is the best), This means the Ducati would be useless under Hot Spot area (though it still able to connect to internet using Mobile Carrier Network).

Bluetooth Version 2.0 which supports A2DP Profile and also USB version 2.0 is quite enough for wireless connectivity and also for High Speed Data Speed transfer. The both of this feature already “in” within the Sony Ericsson Ducati z770i. The Bluetooth features can be used to directly printed the Image straight from Ducati to Printer (that supports Bluetooth also). The Phone also equipped with Multimedia Radio Feature: Stereo FM Radio with RDS. With this, you can listening your favorite FM Radio in your region / country.

For Music Player embedded in Ducati, it can be played MP3 and AAC formats, and for Video Player it supports 3GP formats. Additional Information about the 2 MP Camera: It also utilized with 2.5 x Digital Zoom, Photo Fix (Image Editor) and Send to web / blog feature. The Sony Ericsson Ducati also supports Java MIDP 2.0, 3D Java Games (it been included with pre-installed games for Brain Juice, Tennis MultiPlayer and Investigators.

Table of Contents of Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Manual User Guide

Getting Started
Stereo Portable Handsfree
Music Player
Video Player
Music and Video Controls
Transferring Music from a Computer
Ringtones and Melodies
Sound Recorder
Phone Name
Using the Internet
Web Feeds
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Using a USB Cable
Update Service,
More Features;
Flight Mode
Location Services
Timer, stopwatch, Calculator
Code Memo
Time and Date
Important Information

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Manual User Guide PDF Download

Before you can get to use the Phone for the first time you need to unpack the parts of the Sony Ericsson Ducati then try to assembling it. The Picture below would shown you the ways as tutorial help to do that. For example you can learn how to open and close the casing cover then inserting the SIM card and assembling the battery, and you can also learn how to insert the M2 (Memory Stick Micro) on the bonnet of the Phone (up to 8GB).

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i Manual Extended User Guide Open Close Cover Assemble Battery Insert SIM Card Storage microSD PDF Download

Sony Ericsson Ducati Phone Z770i User Guide - Open Close Cover Assemble Battery Insert SIM Card Storage M2 - PDF Download

And for the full and complete User Manual, we suggest you to skip the “Resume” tab and just download via the link that we gave you below. Remember you need PDF Reader to be able to read and view it! Enjoy!

Sony Ericsson Ducati Z770i User Guide / Manual Download | Language: English | Size: 12.2 MB | Pages: 84

Download Spanish User Manual | Italian User Manual | Download French | Download German

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