Sony Ericsson Elm J10i2 User Guide

Sony Ericsson Elm J10i2 used Candy Bar Design with numeric traditional keypad form factor for body’s Phone. This Elm has many of useful full features that we definitely recommend to have this phone. The camera of SE Elm attached with 5 Megapixel Camera with Cam’s tools; Geotagging, Face Detection, Auto Focus, Foto Feed for blog, Photo Fix Applications, Smile Detection, Video and Photo Light (Photo Flash), Video Recording Capability and 4x Digital Zoom.

Sony Ericsson Elm J10i2 Manual User Guide PDF

Sony Ericsson Elm Manual User Guide

You can also used Sony Ericsson Elm [ J10i2 Series ] as Dial Up GSM Internet Modem, Take a Photo then Edited and directly printed the Image(s) from Phone to a printer, Navigation used Wisepilot (trial) or using Google Maps with aGPS, Bluetooth, WiFi connections, Twitter and Facebook Applications Installed, Noise Shield for clear filter noise sound, Conversations Text Messaging, Google Search and many more.

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Download n Review Sony Ericsson Elm J10i2 Manual User Guide PDF

Viewfinder Camera Key User Guide Manual PDF Sony Ericsson Elm J10i2

Sony Ericsson Elm J10i2 Viewfinder Camera Key User Guide Manual PDF

The Manual / User Guide of Sony Ericsson Elm J10i2 consists of Tutorial / instruction to assembling the Phone body with Memory (use microSD up to 16GB / internal memory 280MB) and SIM, TroubleShooting, using the Camera High Definition to create HD Video, Youtube guidance, how to connect to internet using WiFi (setup and configuration), Settings and Setup (wallpaper, profile, etc), Download and Play Java (3D games) help and tutorial, Music Player (AAC and MP3) help to use it, tuning and turning on FM Radio with RDS, and many more.

User Guide Elm by SE | Language: English| PDF Size: 2.7 MB

France User Manual of Elm | User Manual Download Spanish | Download German User Guide | Download Italian

Table of Contents of Sony Ericsson Elm J10i2 Manual User Guide

Table of Contents
Getting Started
Transferring and handling content
Updating your Phone
Connected home
More features
Legal information

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  1. kyle says

    i cant get my internet working i need to know the apn settings codes and numbers for t-mobile sony ericsson j10i2

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