Sony Ericsson Satio U1 User Guide

Wanna have High Definition Camera Phone from Sony Ericsson? Sony Ericsson Satio U1 is the right answers. SE Satio equipped with 12.1 Megapixel Camera (truly a HD Camera, didn’t it? ). You can use Touch Focus, Auto Focus, 16x Digital Zoom, Red Eye Reduction, Video Light on Video Recording, Flash Light with Xenon Flash, Geo Tagging, Photo fix Tools, Smile Detection and also Image Stabilizer on additions at the Camera 12.1MP.

Let talk about the Camera’s features that we said above. One of the tool that bring along with 12.1 MP Camera is BestPic Tool. With BestPic you can make simultaneously take 9 pictures in just one second and the you can choose the best picture that you wanna save. Have you ever experienced while you take a picture using Camera Phone and your object been moving around and then make the picture got blurriness? Don’t worry about this anymore if you are using Satio. The Camera on Satio also equipped with Image stabiliser which would guarantee, you’ll never get blurriness on taking moving object picture. Wanna capture moment in “poor lighting situation”? Just use Xenon Flash for best source of Flash Light to get better picture even in “darker” condition. And the best of all, you can shoot your self when you are smiling at the camera without need to push the camera button by using Smile Detection Tool. Whenever you are smiling at the cam, the Cam would take “the brightest smile” from you face.

Sony Ericsson Satio U1 Manual User Guide PDF

Sony Ericsson Satio U1 Manual User Guide

Sony Ericsson Satio integrated with Symbian OS (Mobile Operating System) and of course support symbian application (usually in .sis / sisx). It also has Document Reader and Editor that would make you able to view and read Microsoft Office Document (such as word .doc, excel .xls, PowerPoint .ppt) and also to edit it. All can be done by using QuickOffice. The Satio also capable to view PDF File (such as the Manual PDF of Sony Ericsson Satio U1, just like we shared in this blog) by using Adobe PDF Reader for Mobile (though it just available in trial version. For other PDF Reader in Free for Symbian, you can read our suggestion at here)

Another Features you can find in Sony Ericsson Satio U1 including Youtube access to play online Video Sharing with Youtube Applications, Video Streaming, Google Search, Google Maps with aGPS for best Navigation (wisepilote trial version included), Bluetooth wireless connectivity, TV Out, Modem, Onscreen Qwerty Keyboard, handwriting Recognition, WiFi for High Speed Internet, USB Cable Data Transmission, MP3 and AAC supported Music Audio format, and for Social Networks Client it also installed with Twitter Timescape integration, Facebook Application and many more.

The Design body used by Sony Ericsson Satio used Mono block with Onscreen Qwerty Keyboard that can be rotated automatically aka Auto Rotate (see the image above).

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony Ericsson Satio U1 Manual User Guide Download PDF

What the meaning of Phone Overview? It is a guidance with image tutorial on how you can understand the body, the keys, and the parts of the phone. The example of this tutorial can be seen on the figure below. You can learn the navigation button, the power button, and others keys attached or designed on the Sony Ericsson Satio U1.

User Guide Manual Phone Overview Sony Ericsson Satio U1 PDF

User Guide Manual Phone Overview Sony Ericsson Satio U1 PDF

For the Download Link of the PDF Manuals. Get its at here:

User Guide Sony Ericsson Satio PDF | English Language | PDF Size: 5.1 MB | Source:

Other Language: Spanish User Guide | French User Guide | Italian UG | German User Manual

Sony Ericsson Satio U1 Manual User Guide Review

The User Guide Manual PDF of Sony Ericsson U1 would help you to learn and understand how the Satio works, such as how satio can be used as a modem (setting and configuration), instruction to use the WiFi and Bluetooth, knowing the troubleshooting of U1, using Calender, Setting and Setup the Phone, Lock the Phone, Overview of the Body and Key (camera key, power key, etc), how to use the Camera to take Photo and Video Recording with HD result Image, Downloading 3D Games, using web browser, Download application for Satio U1, using Pan and Zoom, Change Language Ringtone Wallpaper and many more.

For example you can find how to find your current location or find other locations and get direction to the destination via Google Maps (along with GPS Services) tutorial and help instruction guideline at page 50. It including using WisePilot for turn by turn navigation. But, if you like to know how to handle the Wi-Fi for accessing internet from your Satio such as connect to hotspot network you can learn via page 64 of the User Guide of Satio U1. Finding channel with Radio? just read from page 58.

Though, the most important part of the User Manual / Guide that you should read and learn well is how to use the 12 MP Camera both for Camcorder and Photo Shot. The Tutorial Help can be found at page 40 to page 46 (including how to use Auto Review, Smile Detector, Xenon Flash and understanding Icons and settings. For simple overview of the contents of the user guide PDF of U1 you can read the table of contents below.

Table Contents / Sections Sony Ericsson Satio U1 User Guide

Additional Help
Getting Started
Entering text
Location services
Transferring and handling content
Updating your phone
Legal information

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  1. edgar says

    bjr stp vous pouver maider moi je cherche langue russi sony ericson u 1 pliz. je peur telecharge langue russi on telephone sony ericson u 1. merci

  2. Casper says

    Dropped my Sony Ericsson U1 phone , didnt crack but the keyboard on screen is nor responding to touch as efficiently as t used tocan i restore it to its ussual functionality?

  3. osvaldo ramirez arreola says

    necesito el disto de instalacion de sony ericsson Satio U1, y accesorios cable usebe,funda donde lo puede conseguir original tapachula chis,gracias

  4. osvaldo ramirez arreola says

    necesito el disto de instalacion,manual de sony ericsson Satio U1, y accesorios cable usebe,funda donde lo puede conseguir original tapachula chis,gracias

  5. ayesha says

    i want to know how to delete the search menu from front screen. do u under stant what i am try to saying. the file name there s not delete option. plz tell me how to delete file names. plzzz

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