Sony Ericsson T715 User Guide English

Sony Ericsson T715 equipped with 3.2 Megapixel Camera with Geotagging, Photo Fix, Flash Light and also 3.2 x Digital Zoom. Just like common Camera’s Phone, the T715’s Camera also capable to create Video Recording. For the Design it used Slide Out Form Factor with numeric traditional Keypad (See the Picture below).

Sony Ericsson T715 Manual User Guide PDF

Sony Ericsson T715 Manual User Guide

The Internal Memory available (varied according to the Phone configuration) for Sony Ericsson T715 up to 90MB. For others Features installed in the SE T715 including, FM Radio, Web Browser, Bluetooth, Music Player and Audio Player, Google Maps, Email Client, and etc

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Sony Ericsson T715 Manual User Guide Review and Download

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User Guide SE T715
PDF Size 2.2MB | Language English

Instruction to assembling the T715’s body with battery or SIM card is one of the contents that you could find in User Guide (User Manual) of Sony Ericsson T715. Others contents sections that you can find including, how to use the bluetooth A2DP for wireless stereo headset, using bluetooth to transfer data to other device / computer (compatible with Windows 7), Using Google Maps, setting up Email Client, Tuning the frequency of FM Radio, Troubleshooting and setup / settings the phone, and many more.

For Other Language Version of User Guide of SE T715: Spanish | French | German | Italian | Portuguese

Table of Contents of Sony Ericsson T715 Manual User Guide PDF

Table of Contents
Getting Started
Transferring and handling content
More Features
Sony Ericsson T715i/T715a

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