Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i User Manual & Specs Overview

We have to tell you that Sony Ericsson txt pro can’t be categorized as Smartphone gadget due to there is no Operating System running inside this phone, instead the java programming seems to be the core of this phone software. Actually we wanna write one of sophisticated Smartphone by Sony Ericsson (SE), the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S. But, due to the User Guide (UG) / Extended User Guide (EUG), of this arc S does not available yet, therefore we decided to wrote the Sony Ericsson txt pro (as it User Guide already released / available). SE txt pro has a series code name as CK15i. By this, we can name it as Sony Ericsson CK15i.

Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i Manual Extended User Guide Specs Overview

Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i Manual Extended User Guide - Specs Overview

The design of SE txt pro is using slide side form factor. Just like almost all “pro” version, the slide means that you can “pump out” the physical qwerty keyboard in “open mode” but in “close” mode, you can use the “touchscreen” display. It has four rows qwerty keyboard with some of dedicated keys and for the display, txt pro comes with 3 inches diagonal diameter size with scratch resistant surface furnished for TFT Capacitive touchscreen. Unfortunately, even though there is proximity sensor and accelerometer sensor for both auto turn off the screen and auto rotate UI, the CK15i did not support for multi touch input method aka it only uses single touch input method. For resolution screen in this gadget is 240 x 400 pixels with 256K colors and about 155 ppi.

Sony Ericsson txt pro Manual CK15i Extended User Guide Quick Resume

This picture below is the part available in Sony Ericsson txt pro Manual Extended User Guide (EUG) that would help you to understand the body, the keys and the parts of the phone. It available on Page 7 under “Phone overview” sub section of Getting to know your phone.

Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i Manual Extended User Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i Manual Extended User Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

Unfortunately, the Getting started guidance that we can gave you at this time only available in one tutorial. That is the help tutorial on how you can inserting the microSD storage external memory.

Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i Manual Extended User Guide Insert microSD Card Resume

Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i Manual Extended User Guide Insert microSD Card - Resume

As you can see at the right side picture below, it was the only tutorial we can get (in picture / image tutorial) on how you can work / assemble the SE txt pro for the first time. The tutorial that usually provided in the EUG such as how you can open the back cover casing of the phone, remove and replace the battery to/off its compartment, learning to insert and install the SIM Card are poorly not available in the PDF Manual (as far as we knew).

Although, for the tutorial on how you can make a call, tutorial how you can use the Wi-Fi to connects to hotspot Wi-Fi area (page 27), learning to connecting txt pro’s bluetooth to stereo headset or pairing it to others (page 26), using the Camera, using PlayNow or TrackID technology, listening to music are included and ready to be read via the PDF Manual EUG.

If you got your phone freezing frequently or the touchscreen stop responding, you can try the fastest solution for this problem by performing Factory Data reset aka Master Reset (Hard Reset). On page 31 of EUG, you can read the step by step instruction how to do Master Reset. Home Screen > Find and tab Settings > General > Master Reset > Reset all > Tab Reset > Done.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony Ericsson txt pro l CK15i Specifications

So far, we aren’t sure the CPU Processor speed used by this device (SE txt pro), but we get an info that it attached with PNX-4910 processor and has 100MB internal built in memory with 64MB of RAM. This 93 x 52 x 18 mm body size phone with 100 grams in weight supports for GSM Technology (about 3.7 × 2.0 × 0.7 inches and 3.5 oz). It uses GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz frequency for GPRS and EDGE up to 236 Kbps (no 3G). Though, the Wi-Fi b/g type 802.11 also available. Another connectivity are the Bluetooth version 2.1 wiht A2DP wireless stereo headsets profile and microUSB version 2.0 for High data transfer

Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i Manual Extended User Guide Specifications

Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i Manual Extended User Guide - Specifications

As non-smartphone gadget, txt pro seems to be enough by embedding the 3.2 Megapixel Camera for photography purpose. This 3.2MP Camera capable to be used as Camcorder for Video Recording and for Capture Photo shot. There is no Secondary front camera and flash light.

For the application preloaded in this Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i, you can had Twitter, Facebook applications, Google Talk, Calendar, Email client, Friends applications, Games, and some basic functions apps such as Notes, Calendar, Timer, Stopwatch and Calculator. The Web browser used in this phone is Obigo Web browser with Google Search function.

The Phone available for White, Black, and Pink color. The overview specs can be read directly from here. Almost forget, the Video and Audio Music that can be played in this txt pro are WMA, MP3, MP4, H.263 (3gp), eAAC+ and WAV. There is also Stereo FM Radio with RDS available as one of Multimedia features in CK15i.

Table of Contents of Sony Ericsson txt pro Manual CK15i Extended User Guide

Important Information
Experience more. Discover how
Getting Started
Getting to know your phone
Friends applications
Instant messaging
Entering text
Connecting your phone to a computer
TrackID technology
Multimedia and text messaging
Bluetooth wireless technology
Web browser
More features – Alarm, voice mail
Locking and protecting your phone
Legal information

Sony Ericsson txt pro Manual CK15i Extended User Guide PDF Download

As long as we knew, the User Manual / Extended User Manual of Sony Ericsson txt pro isn’t accompanied by the Quick Start Guide (though it might be that the QSG are included in the box in paper edition). The ones that we gave you below are the three version of EUG of SE txt pro CK15i for language: Spanish, French and English.

Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i Manual Extended User Guide PDF Download

Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15i Manual Extended User Guide - PDF Download

The file is rather small, you can read directly via your web browser of your PC / Laptop (you must had a Adobe Acrobat Reader to do this), or you can read it online the English version of SE txt pro via this page at “Read Online” Tab. Just enjoy!

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    • ishtr0beri says

      yes you can..

      go to menu > music > select & play song > tap on the center image (album art cover) > press “send track”

      – that’s it.. hope that helps. 😉

  1. hazel says

    i juz wanna ask:
    1. why cant we set tones for message from my memory card ??
    2. why cant we rotate picture ??

    • Korpsaw says

      This phone always does this after battery has been pulled it seems. I cannot seem to figure out how to fix it. It just says “Opening contact Information” for ever or the dreaded “Please wait” when attempting to send a txt message.

      Adding a contact seems to have brought back the functionality of the phone this time. :S

  2. wahida says

    i wanna ask all d above to change d theme & why the msg and contact information take a long time to open? it make me stress! (=.=)”

  3. says

    my txt pro cant play video … plss help me .. when i wanted to play a video it says “file type not supported by phone” help me plss

  4. salim says

    hi i have got sony txt pro,can u help me for the phone book,log,drag using volume key,as i am unable to use it properly pls help me

  5. affu says

    hi, can any one tell me how to get contact no.quickly by typing the name in the pro?
    and how to cancel the ‘E’ symbol?

  6. bev says

    i just want to ask, can we change the themes of sonny erickson ck15i?. i downloded already but it doesnt work, i dont know where to find it and how to change it..

  7. mary joy hernandez says

    i just dont like ck15 i… i just brought it 3weeks ago… i dont like it now.. its not like my corby 2…

  8. Liya says

    Why i can’t open youtube with this phone?
    How can i resolve this problem…

    When i trying to open some videos..
    the words ‘unsupported content’ out..

    help me :)

  9. gen says

    how can i backup my messages from my phone to my pc? i cant open some of my messages and i dont want to upgrade the software coz it says that i might lost all data when updating..

  10. Asanka says

    no file exploring facility, can’t play youtube videos, can’t send videos via Bluetooth, can’t save or dial phone numbers directly from a sms. can’t change sms tone. no zooming in photo camera.

  11. shail says

    my sony ericsson ck15i txt pro cant play video … plss help me .. when i wanted to play a video it says “file type not supported by phone” help me plss

    • Keidi says

      Shail , it should be on MP4 format or 3gp. If u want to watch video through youtube. i suggest u download or update ur software at Sony ericsson website. Hope this helps.

  12. Keidi says

    For file explorer. I found on a website how to download to have own file manager. Youtube Videos can be played if you download the latest software on You can send video thru bluetooth by tapping envelope image on top. I believe you can save numbers from sms. SMS tones is by default so no way to change it .. Zooming can if youll press the volume button on sides while taking photo.. I have this phone and i Love it still :p Just explore it 😉

    • aizat1994 says

      I use the Update Service on a pro sony ericsson phone txt me … after using it I found aplakasi facebook, twetter, yahoo mail, and multiple im not be used …. What should I do to use the application again

  13. ragu says


    i recentyl purchased sony er. ck15i. realy is i feel bad. can any one explain my problem. like
    1) how to secure my mobile. (sony ericsson ck15i)
    2) Unable to send video to another mobile.
    3) unable to chage the SMS tone.
    4) its android phone or normal phone.
    5)unable to download mobile bank (ICICI)

    • kamali says

      how to delete a specific number alone from d call list n nt al the numbers…??
      i need ths help immediately..

  14. karthik says

    HI keidi, i dono how to get this file manager in txt pro, i try to download as you send, but i was not able to do it. kindly help me out.,,,

  15. hanum says

    hi..i want to ask:
    1)why i cannot change my SMS tone from my memory card songs?
    2)my wifi system cannot be connected at certain places..what can i do?
    3)why the camera cannot zoom in and out?
    4)how can i install another programs to this gadgets?
    i hope my guestion will be answered..tq

    • cj88 says

      to install:

      go to settings…application install..there you’ll find the application u downloaded or sent via Bluetooth…then just click the application..just follow what it says….

  16. santosh kumar mandal says

    hi i can not able to play video in this mobile by sending from computer directly plz help me
    downloading problem also plz help me as soon as possible

  17. bavana says

    hey i have a small doubt when i removed my simcard and again turned on my mobile the other options in txt pro may worked or not.

  18. lee says

    I just bought it 2 days ago and the message button and contacts works. But now, the message wont open, it says “Please wait” I wait and nothing happened. Also contacts, its loading is so long. Please HELP me on my poblem. -.-PITY me

    • Anup kumar reddy says

      same problem im facing with this mobile contacts and messages r not opening and it says please wait :-(

  19. sophia says

    hi there, I don’t know what wrong suddently I can’t open my message and contacts. I can’t make a call and send a message.

  20. hemanth says

    i newly purchasd sony ck15i can u plz let me knw how to turn on graphical smileys? my smileys on nt visible in incoming mesgs plz help me

  21. ravi mishra says

    it is very bad mob don’t purchase it no file manager video can not send.zoom will not b ur money

    • mahi says

      yes this is world’s waste mobile pls give advise to ur fnds don’t purchase this dirty mobile …………… mahi………..warangal

  22. ravi mishra says

    u can not secure ur data it’s like a simple and bed mob to use u can see only simle small size vedio and picture

  23. jay roy says

    hi, me jay…this is worst phone….i cant send video….no file manager…..can’t change sms tone….

  24. faiz putra says

    the message wont open, it says “Please wait” I wait and nothing happened. Also contacts, its loading is so long. Please HELP me on my poblem. -.-PITY me

  25. Rexina paul says

    why cant i change msg tone??why thers no file manager..within 1 day iam fed up of using this cell

  26. DEB says


  27. sidhesh says

    i bought ck15i i updated internet apps like..facebook,twittter,not working unable to browse internet…sombody help

  28. miguel says

    i have a software problem with the ck15a i tried installing the softwareagain but is the same it keeps on freezing and sometime it restarts on its own some one should really sue sonyerricson for this crap of phone

  29. Jessieca Lee says

    I’m a sony ericsson ck15i txt pro user. I’m having a problem with my phone. I can’t open youtube in my phone. Some people said that I should convert the screen resolution. But… I didn’t know how to convert it. Can you teach me/ email me how to convert it? Or perhaps you should make a vid tutorial about this and post it on youtube. I really hope you could help me with this. Thank you,

  30. rheign says

    hi .. may i ask :

    what file for apps is available for this unit?

    .jar or .jad?

    and where can i see my downloaded files if i save them from my micro sd?


  31. Chheung says

    Guys! I’ve just fix ya problem ( Forever Opening contact and msg ), All u need to do is to Master Reset ur phone ( go to setting>general>Master reset>reset all ) if it doesn’t work then just reset it until it work! i finally got my ck15i fixed now 😀

  32. says

    Hi there! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from
    an established blog. Is it hard to set up
    your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thanks

  33. joshua colitoy says

    y is it my ck15i needs to be reset just to restore phonebook and message info when turned off ? when its turned off then turned on, the contact info cant be displayed that it has to be reset. its time consuming.. tsk

  34. john factor says

    i have a problem with my sony erisson ck15i when i charge it, it produce red light and its like beeping for a long time.i still cannot open it

    what can i do to fix it???

    any solution??

    please help me!!



    1) File Manager – just download “x-plore.jar”

    2) Games – make sure u download n save it in OTHER. 240×400 screen resolution game and of course in jar format.

    For msg tone, zooming, self-restart n contact “please wait” problem still searching for solution.

    Anyways.. This phone just fine to tested some hacking thing..

    • Cyntha says

      Hey :)..thanks for the name of the file manager.
      I’ve been looking for it like,heavens know how long..
      I’ve got some solution for u. first of all, the msg tone can’t be changed. T_T. i think. Zooming, can’t in camera mode, can in video. In image viewer, to zoom, u have to tap longer than usual at the image and something will appear (im sorry no time to explain, try it yourself kay). i dunno abt the self-restart. But the contact holdup can be minimize by Factory reset. As told above. C: Hve a nice day,.

  36. Danial kazi says

    I am feeling very bad why i purchase this mobile have no file manager so i didn’t like that mobile and we cannot change message tone this is my problem

  37. says

    Hello! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  38. jai says

    i have sony ericsson ck15i. my problem is now.! i don’t know how to bluetooth to other fon. please help me how to do this.. thank-Q

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