Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide (Walkman Music Phone)

If some one said a “Walkman” word in front of you, we guess that your mind always gets you to the device that play a music CD or cassette while listening it in mobile: walk the street, while playing golf etc. And we knew that Walkman is brand name of Sony. So do it applied in Mobile Phone Device that we would like to discuss this time: Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman Music Phone. We believe the “W” letter applied in “W205″ series, is refer to the word of “Walkman”.

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual Specs Overview

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual - Specs Overview

The Phone comes with Slider Design Body, or we can simply called as Slide Out form factor. For the Typing Input and Output, the Phone equipped with Traditional Alpha Numeric Keypad. The detail of this body look and keypad can bee seen from the picture above and also the image available under “Specifications Tab”.

The Display Screen seems to be too tiny / small, it only has 1.8 inches in Diagonal Diameter and only comes with 128 x 160 pixels Resolution. Though, if it only for Walkman Phone, this screen size is quite enough, but for Entertainment such as watching video or picture, this phone isn’t suitable to be used. Others Information for the Display: uses TFT Screen Type with 65K Colors.

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual Resume

Actually, we like to call the User Guide of Sony Ericsson W205 as Quick Start Guide due to the quick and simple tutorial that available in the PDF User Manual of this Phone. What do you expect on UM that only consist 39 pages? If we ask that question, in fast response we would say: It’s Quick Start Guide or Getting Started Guide! :)

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual Keys Parts Resume

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual - Smartphone's Keys & Parts - Resume

The Picture above is a portrait of a User Manual Section that would give you a brief overview on the keys and part of Sony Ericsson W205: Where you can find the volume keys, the strap hole, the USB connector, Walkman shortcut keys, power on/off button and more. It available on page 6 and 7 of the UM.

For Transferring a File such as Photo or Video wirelessly you can use the Bluetooth v2.0 that also attached in the phone. Learning how to turning it on or off, pairing it, hide or show it, connected to bluetooth headsets (A2DP), all available in page 29 and 30.

To Set the Alarm Clock, repeat the alarm / snooze it, Learning to use Voice Mail and how to view memory status (free / used memory) you can read the step by step instruction on page 32. How about if you electricity shutting down while you are in the middle on the night and you got only Sony Ericsson W205 in your hand? Don’t worry, the Phone capable to be use as a Torch, just select Menu the Organiser then choose Torch :D.

To use Master Reset in the condition that you got a problem with the phone that you can’t handle such as The screen freezing or flickering or got navigation trouble just do this: Menu > Settings > General > Master Reset. Now you can select what option to reset that you might need. For further explanation about this go to page 36 of the UM of SE W205 :)

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony Ericsson W205 Specifications

Sony Ericsson W205, in comparison to the latest handsets, make this phone categorized as lower end phone technology, especially the fact that w205 only supports GPRS Data Technology (only has approximately 32 – kbps data transfer). You can only capable to use it in “best condition” to make a call, receive a call, send SMS and others basic usage of the Phone. If you try to browser the internet on a website that has quite huge size, such as opening HD picture, you better not use this phone.

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual Specifications Detail

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual - Specifications Detail

This Phone available in three colors body: Ambient Black, Sakura Pink and Windy Blue. Little suggestion: choose the black one if you are boy and choose the pink one if you like feminist’s phone (a girly one).

As Walkman Phone, Sony Ericsson w205 only has 5MB Internal Memory. If you can imagine, the 5MB is only capable to stores 1 or 2 songs, but don’t worry about this, the SE W205 also included with memory stick micro M2 up to 2GB (approximately 500 MP3 Songs capable to be stored). You can play these song by using Walkman Media Player that already installed within this gadget.

On the back side of the body of this SE phone, you can also get 1.3 Megapixel Camera that supposed to be able to create almost 1280 x 1024 pixels Picture Resolution size and capable to be use as Video Recorder. Others Features: Stereo FM Radio with RDS, Opera Mini supports WAP 2.0 and HTML Basic, Alarm Clock, Organizer, TrackID, Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 for connectivity features and more.

Table of Contents of Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual

Instruction Symbols
Preparing the Phone
Menu Overview
Entering Text
Video Player
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
More Features
Legal Information

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual PDF Download

The Screenshot below, shown you the series of picture that would guide you how you can insert the M2 micro stick memory to the Phone body, of course the SIM Card inserting tutorial and also how to use Headset connector. You can get full elaboration how to do these if you read the PDF Manual of Sony Ericsson W205 on page 3 and 4 under “Preparing the Phone” Chapter.

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual Insert Remove SIM M2 Card Headsets Radio PDF Download

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual - Insert Remove SIM M2 Card Headsets Radio - PDF Download

Right Click the Download link below and choose save link as to force the link to download and save in your storage disk of PC instead of opening it in web browser.

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Download | Pages: 39 | Language: English | Size: 4.51MB

Spanish Download | English US Download | German Download | Italian Download

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