Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 E15i User Manual

This is the newest Android Phone by Sony Ericsson called as Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 E15i. Unlike the older version of Android Phone than bring with ultimate features such as Camera HD at 8.1 Megapixel (vivaz and Aino for example), the Xperia X8 only bring with 3.2 Megapixel camera.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Manual User Guide PDF

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Manual User Guide

The SE E15i used Touch Screen 3 inches User Interface with On Screen Qwerty Keyboard with two available color body, white and white dark blue. The Internal Memory Phone only 128MB that can be extended by using microSD card up to 16GB. It only supports MP3 and ACC Audio Formats (Musics) but you can use the stereo A2DP Bluetooth with megaBass. FM Radio with RDS, 3D Games, Java, Youtube, Facebook, WiFi, Google Maps with aGPS, Twitter, and others features also available in Xperia X8 by Sony Ericsson.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 E15i User Guide Manual Instruction Review and Download

Sony Ericsson X8 E15i Phone Overview User Guide Manual PDF

Sony Ericsson X8 E15i Phone Overview User Guide Manual PDF

The user guide Manual of Xperia X8 would help you to operate using step by step tutorial how to use the Phone, such as for Bluetooth transfer data sharing to other devices, using Email, Settings up the phone, Connecting to internet using WiFi (need to configuration for example), Understanding Menu Navigations and Icons, creating Video Recording, TroubleShooting and else.

The Manual of X8 E15i below has PDF size around 7.0 MB and in Enuglish Language Version. For others language you can get at here.

Download Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Manual User Guide PDF | Language: English | Pages: 91 | Size: 6.98 MB

UG in Spanish | UG in French | German | Italian

If you like to know how to Pairing the Bluetooth of SE Xperia X8, you can go to pages 62 and 63 of the User’s Guide of the Phone. That would definitely guide you in step by step how to connect the bluetooth to other bluetooth devices. Another part of the instructional guideline such as ussing FM Radio can be found if you read page 70, learnig how to use camera ca be read at page 74, got a trouble using the Phone such as the Phone didn’t works properly, or got error message (SIM card is PUK locked, SIM card is locked, No networks coverage / emergency calls only) you can learn to handle the proble from page 86 to 87 of the PDF Manual of Xperia X8 under section “Troubleshooting” and many more.

Table of Contents of Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 E15i Extended User Guide

User support
Getting started
Getting to know your phone
Sony Ericsson Timescape
Applications and content
Getting Organised
Connecting to wireless networks
Web browser
Connecting your phone to a computer
Bluetooth wireless technology
Back up and restore
FM Radio
Camera Album
Location Services
Locking and protecting your phone
Updating your phone
Legal Information

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  1. ishan kaul says

    hi.i have seen that the Sony ericssion website lacks much on the user support n help part.please improve your customer help interface it hardly provides any usefull info about the phone.i like Sony ericssion phones n have recently purchased my xperia x8 for myself.the phone is very good but when ever I need to know something about it like functionality related topic user support etc. I have to search on Google n other websites which I could expect and easily searched on your websites but you have provided nothing except links or this information is not yet available.compared to other companies like Nokia etc your website has very less usefull user support content n some other other interesting and exciting stuffs provided by other companies to their valued customers.although the Sony ericssion phones are far much better than Nokia n other brands personally saying.sorry if I am wrong about my complaints please correct me and would appreciate a responce being your customer.
    thank you.

  2. Keri byrne says

    Hi,i agree with the other person that commented,can you send songs or pictures on the phone because ive been trying to work out how to send songs but jus cant find out?,please get back

  3. Brodi Taylor says

    I agree with the other comments why carn’t we send songs or pictures? I’ve had this phone since 2010 Christmas and tryed 2 figure out how to send stuff……….

    How Can I Send in Bluetooth?

  4. charlottexperia says

    just plug the phone in and when you see its folder just drag and drop it in the main folder with everything else

    • John C says

      This problem occurs when the X8 gives you the “Memory low” warning. It’s also a known problem for Android devices, not just the X8. The problem is that there is code in the Android system that reports low memory when the available space reaches 10% or lower (10% of the physical ram, so a device with 500Mb will report “memory low” when it still has 50Mb free!!)

      Compounding this problem is code that prevents messages from being sent/received when the system decides it doesn’t have enough space available «sigh».

      About the only thing you can (conveniently) do on the X8 is to ensure that you have enough space available so that the “Memory low” warning is not shown.


      • Fotis says

        do you have any idea how can i change the course of applications from the device to sd card? i also cant find where my downloaded data goes :S

    • Moni says

      It is because the data traffic is activated on your mobile.
      tap settings>wireless & networks>mobile networks.Then unmark the data traffic checkbox.

  5. john mann says

    <<<i bought your sonyericsson x8 xperian but cannot get a users guide. please email it to me.

    john mann

  6. k.v.shiva says

    I have sony experis e15i model, i used sync & backup option my contacts disappered and all conctacts are lost plz help me that how can i get my contacts or how to recover it.

    plzzzzzz help me.

  7. aman alok says

    can’t send due to msg centre no. where does this msg center no. lie in sony ericsson xperia e15i .
    help me plz

  8. junas says

    hi, i have e15i can u guide me how to transfer a application from phone to sd card, i tried many application including astro file manager,link 2 sd. pls help me


    I have a problem that my text msgs are not sent. Please guide me where i can find the MESSAGE CENTRE option in Sony Ericsson Xperia x8 to check the Network opertor settings.

    Kindly tell me….


  10. gayan says

    can u tell me,how can i remove the dictionary settings of massage when it appears on my massage screen.Please tell me as soon as u can.

  11. Daniel Okoth says

    i would wish to know if indeed E151 model has packet data there is no internet connection whenever i try to go to it kindly reply!

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