Sony Ericsson Zylo W20 W20i User Manual

As usual, before we finally give you the download link of the User Guide / User Manual of a Phone / SmartPhone, we like to discuss about the Phone specification and features first. In this case we would like to talk about the specs of Sony Ericsson Zylo that has a code series; W20 or W20i. Let called this phone with its series as Sony Ericsson Zylo w20 w20i. As you can see on the image below, the Zylo had Slide out form factor with rounded design candy bar body and attached with slide our numeric traditional keypad IO (detail in user guide picture keys parts phone). This phone also known as Zylo the Radio Phone.

The Zylo weighted about 4.1 oz (proximately 115 grams) and used 2.6 inch Diagonal Diameter of the Display Screen with 262K Color TFT in 210 x 320 Pixels QVGA Resolution. The Onboard Internal memory of Zylo is quite big enough for the Zylo Class, it has 260 MB Phone Memory (Free Memory for Internal Data Storage may vary depend on the pre configuration of the Phone, but you can used external User Memory with microSD that can handle up to 16GB). The Sony Ericsson Zylo Radio Phone available in three chassis body color shell: Jazz Black, Chacha Silver and Swing Pink.

Sony Ericsson Zylo W20i User Guide Manual

Sony Ericsson Zylo W20i / W20 Extended User Guide Manual

Features and Applications included in Sony Ericsson Zylog W20i are, Facebook Application, Twitter Application, Google Maps, Bluetooth Technology, Music Player, mp3 and AAC, Walkman Player, Modem, 3G Games, Java Games and Applications, FM Radio with RDS, Youtube, Video Calling and Streaming and else. Especially for Photography feature, Zylo by SE equipped with 3.2 Megapixel camera with Photo fix, Geotagging ability, Video Recording, 2x Digital Zoom and Photo Feeds app.

The good point regarding the Features in Zylo that make me amazed, in our point a view, is the availability of Shake Control and Sound Performance with clear Stereo and also Bass Effect. And don’t worry about how you can handle the phone while you wanna still listening the Music because the Zylo also supports on using Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headsets Profile (A2DP). And another simple tools that would make you able to counts the ways you walk on foot while you were in the middle of exercise (such as jogging) called as Walk Mate for step counter. For healthy “heart”, some health experts said that you should walk in 10 thousand steps a day! ๐Ÿ˜€

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony Ericsson Zylo W20 W20i Manual Extended User Guide Download PDF

It would be very hilarious if you don’t even know how to turn on power of your Sony Ericsson Zylo just because you don’t know where you should press the power button. The figure tutorial that shown below would be a best guidance to learn the keys and parts of the Zylo including the power button, the volume button and more.

Sony Ericsson Zylo W20i Manual Extended User Guide Parts Keys Phone PDF

Sony Ericsson Zylo W20/W20i Extended User Guide - Parts Keys Phone

And for the download links PDF of SE Zylo W20 or W20i, here are some of them that you can get. Enjoy

Download SE Zylo User Guide | English Language | PDF Size about: 3.2 MB

User Guide Zylo Spanish | German UG | Italian Version | French User Manual

Sony Ericsson Zylo W20 W20i Manual Extended User Guide Summary

Learning the Sony Ericsson Zylo means that you need to find the proper instruction guide on how to use the Phone. It can be found via User Guide of the Phone. User Guide Sony Ericsson w20i consists of many tutorial, such as learning the phone navigation menu and assembling part of the phone on the box (first bought), how to recording Sound, Using the Walkman, Turning on the Radio, Using Viewfinder and camera keys, help to create Video Recording, configuration of bluetooth to used as A2DP wireless stereo headset, Troubleshooting, Change the Language of the phone, connect to the internet with modem, download and play games, change themes, profiles, alarm, time and date, and many more.

As a Radio Phone and also Walkman Phone (the W letter in W20 and W20i refer to the word of “Walkman”), you had to know where you can find a proper guideline on how to use the Zylo as a Walkman Phone. And it can be found at pages 25 to 29 (including how to use SensMe Technology, Buy Music, and used Stereo Portable handsfree / Headset) of the UG of Zylo (sometime also known as Instruction Handbook, or Owner manual). And if you like to know common question when you got any trouble with the Phone (Troubleshooting) such as find the IMEI Number, your zylo got slow on working (run application) or can’t send any message or battery can’t be charged anymore, you can find at page 64 and 65 of the User Guide / User Manual of the Sony Ericsson Zylo

Table of Contents of Sony Ericsson Zylo W20 W20i Extended User Guide

Getting Started
PlayNow Applications
TrackID Applications
Recording Sound,
Camera Keys
Using Camera
Using Video Camera
Working with Photos
Viewing and Tagging Photos
Using Photos
Using Web Albums
Accessing Videos in Your PHone,
Transferring and Handling Content
Updating Your Phone
More Features;
Keypad Lock etc,
Legal Information

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  1. says

    @nana Check the streaming settings and save the settings provided by your operator. Eg. If you are using AIRCEL, then select, Aircelgprs or Pocketinternet. Then try the youtube.

    If you Still cant access youtube, simply contact your operator customer care and they’ll help you.
    Tips: Activate 3g to enjoy youtube and other internet based services like email easily without errors.

    (I can help you with zylo errors, contact me in my website)

  2. says


    There are very less number of themes available for Sony ericsson. And you cant easily find them.

    So instead of wasting time on finding themes, you can easily create your own themes.
    To do this easily with your mobile, you just need two Jar Apps. They are,
    1. Blue ftp(dot)jar
    2. Moby explorer.jar (new version would be better)
    Download these softwares in my site and read the tutorial titled create/edit themes to make themes by your own for any nokia and sony ericsson mobile..
    Its a big tutorial, so I cant add here, visit my site for more usefull tutorials and downloads.

    I also created some themes for my zylo and i’ll upload those themes to my site. So, sony ericsson zylo w20 themes will be shortly available on the internet.

    (I can help you with zylo errors, contact me in my website)

  3. says

    Its simple. I’ll tell you.

    First you’ll need to set ‘Default contacts’ as ‘Phone contacts’.
    To do this go to,

    Menu > Contacts > Options(Left soft key) > More > Advanced > Copy from sim > Copy all > click yes.
    Thats it within few minutes, all your sim contacts will be copied to phone and you’ll get access to features like creating Groups, categories etc..

    Before doing this, you may better save a ‘Backup’ for contacts. So that if your contact get deleted by mistake, it can be restored from the Backup.
    How to create a Contacts Backup?
    Go to

    Menu > Contacts > Options > More > Advanced > Backup to m. card > Click Yes .
    Now your contacts will be backed up.

    How to Restore contacts from backup?
    Go to

    Menu > Contacts > Option > More > Advanced > Restore from m. card > Click yes.

    Remember, when you restore from backup, all the current contacts will be replaced with backed up contacts. You may loose any newly added contact. So, better write down the important contacts in your diary before doing any of the steps.

    (I can help you with zylo errors, contact me in my website)

  4. says

    @Pallavi Mocherla

    To select storage place of messages,

    Go to

    Menu > Messaging > Messages > Settings > Under the ‘Message settings’ tab, select ‘Save to’ and select where you want to store the messages, Memory card or Phone.

    Thats it. You’ve done.
    (I can help you with zylo errors, contact me in my website)

  5. says


    To hide the standby widgets like Walk mate, Music mate, Facebook etc.
    Go to,

    Menu > Settings > Display > My widgets > None.

    Now see the standby screen, if the widgets not hidden, just restart your phone.
    You’ve done.

  6. says

    You can’t open .apk files in Sony ericsson zylo. BECAUSE ZYLO DOES’NT SUPPORT apk apps.

    (I can help you with zylo errors, contact me in my website)
    *click the link ‘brusterio’ to visit my site.

  7. nidharshan says

    Hey my w20 went blank all of a sudden, and when I try to switch it on , a black blank screen appears with only d lights working…. I thought dat it could b a defualt with d ribbon, but when I removed it d ribbon seems perfect. Can u please help me out asap. I jst need to kno what’s gone wrong.

  8. parthiban says

    hai friend i am using sony ericson w20 slide when i am download eny apps game themes the error showing “operation failed ” pls help me

  9. bilal says

    Read more: My sony ericsson w20i gets hung up? – If i turn on, blank screen showing,only backlight have.. no welcome icon of sony ericsson. cant start up.. totally hung up. what should i do? can u help me please to fix my w20i

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