Sony Xperia E C1505/C1504 User Manual & Specifications

Sony Xperia E is a touchbar smartphone targeted the middle-low end segment. This can be judged by the specifications of its hardware and also design size. The Xperia E comes with 3.5 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen but only up to 2 fingers. Though, there is still scratch-resistant glass coated the touchscreen display.

Sony Xperia E C1505 C1504 Smartphone

Sony Xperia E C1505 C1504 Smartphone

The resolution of the display only uses 320 x 480 pixels; and on 3.5″ diagonally display means it has around 165 ppi pixels density. There are two version of Sony Xperia E, derived depend on region and data networks carrier: C1505 and C1504. The first uses dual band HSDPA (3G), the later uses three-band 3G HSDPA.

Sony Xperia E C1505/ C1504 User Guide Manual Resume

You can find standard-basic tutorial on the User Guide of Sony Xperia E. If you are not even familiar with Sony smartphone, you still manage to be able to understand the phone features outside body part by learning from the Use Guide: Phone Overview. In this section wrote on page 12 and 13, you’ll be able to know the parts and keys such as Home key, Menu key, Volume, Headset jack, strap hole and the most important button, the Power key (number 5). See the figure below to make sure what we talking about.

Sony Xperia E C1505 C1504 User Guide Keys Parts

Sony Xperia E C1505 C1504 User Guide Keys Parts

From learning how to use the Calendar and Alarm clock (pagee 58), How to download games or applications from Google Play, Play Music, Add a contact, to taking photos or recording videos tutorial are all available.

You can also learn to search Radio Station, Identifying music with Track ID, find location on the maps, Pair the bluetooth, Connect the Wi-Fi to Hotspot area, Sync the phone with PC via USB cable, Or using pattern lock and password.

If you want to Reset your Xperia E after using it for a while, back to original manufacturer condition (software), go to Setting > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony Xperia E C1505/ C1504 Specifications

Android Jelly Bean OS version 4.1 is the chosen Operating System runs on Xperia E. As you must knew, Xperia is trade mark used for Android Smartphone by Sony Manufacturer (previously with Ericsson, known as Sony Ericsson Xperia).

Sony Xperia E C1505 C1504 Smartphone Specs

Sony Xperia E C1505 C1504 Smartphone Specs

The phone only runs on 1GHz Cortex-A5 processor with 512MB of RAM. For the chipset and GPU the Xperia E uses Qualcommm MSM7227A Snapdragon and Adreno 200. The internal built-in memory only attached with 4GB capacity storage with only 2GB user memory available, but you can expanded with 32GB maximum for external memory slot.

Don’t expect to get a high-end camera for photography usage on this device. It’s because, Xperia E is only attached with 3.2 Megapixel Camera (some say only 3MP ) WITHOUT front facing camera nor LED Flash light. Yes, you still manage to be able to record FWVGA Video and also geo-tagging the phone.

Wi-Fi with 802.11 b/g/n version, DLNA, Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, still brought out together on this phone. Not bad though. You can also had Bluetooth for version 2.1 with EDR, microUSB v2.0, and also for data network it supports up to 3G HSDPA 7.2 Mbps (DL). There is Stereo FM Radio either.

The casing are available on three colors: Black, Pink and White. For powered up the phone, the Li-ion 1530 mAh battery is ready for you. It’s claimed to be usable up to 6 hours talktime on 2G/3G and 530 hour standby.

Table of Contents of Sony Xperia E C1505/ C1504 User Guide

Important information
Android what and why?
Getting started
Getting to know your phone
Google Talk
Getting started with Google Play
PlayNow service
Getting organised
Scan use NeoReader
Sycn data on your phone
Connect to wireless networks
Web browser
using TrackID
Using FM Radio
Take Photos and Record Videos
View Photos Videos in Album
Play Video Content
Connect to PC
Use Location Services
Backup and Restore
Lock and Protect the Phone
Update your phone
Phone settings overview
User support
Recycling the phone
Legal information

Sony Xperia E C1505/ C1504 User Manual PDF Download

Because the phone’s internal memory only available with 2GB (user availability), there no way you can store enough video or music in the phone. That’s why you need additional memory card (external slot microSD) if you want to save more music, or photos, or videos. The picture below besides giving you a tutorial on how to insert the microSD external memory, it’s also giving you a guidance on how to assemble the battery, insert the SIM and of course remove and attach back cover casing.

Sony Xperia E C1505 C1504 User Guide Insert SIM Memory Card Open Cover Assemble Battery

Sony Xperia E C1505 C1504 User Guide Insert SIM & Memory Card Open Cover Assemble Battery

For the User Guide / Manual, here are some version you can get (depend on Language) for Xperia E C1505 and Xperia E C1504.

User Manual is the book for anyone who need to know how to use the device in the way it has to be used. For the Sony Xperia E, you can learn how to use the applications, learn to navigate the phone, learn the parts and keys, using bluetooth or Wi-Fi, how to install the SIM Card, or even to do Hard Reset
Sony Xperia E C1505/C1504 User Manual Review
Date Published: 03/29/2013
Unfortunately, the User Manual of Sony Xperie E was written too simple. You can't find many elaboration about the features or applications by Reading the Manual. Somehow It more like the key to the house, and you must explore it by youself after the door had been opened.
3.5 / 5 stars
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  1. dinesh says

    I purchase Sony XPERIA E c1504 , this phone is not connected the Netgear wifi it is a big proble please solve my problem.

  2. Anusree Ghosh says

    My huge problem is that the app WhatsApp is not opening. It says Adjust date each time and even though I adjust it, it says the same again and again. Please help.

  3. himanshu soni says

    i musing xperia e,,i have forgotten my pattern lock and aatemped tto many times..and it is locked with a security question.i have also forgot the ans…

  4. Ankur jaiswal says

    please please help how to transfer media files from internal
    storage to memory card in xperia e..

  5. techno geek says

    first open the whatsapp when it’ ask u to enter mobile no ,go to isd code and put it manually. for ex(India-91)

  6. nitesh jaiswal says


    • Suluh says

      There are plenty of Android applications that can be used to record a phone call. Just go to Google Play Store and Search with ‘Phone Call Recorder’ keyword. One of them is here.

  7. SrinivaSan says

    sir,, ennoda Xperia E mobile la music, games, videos and others, intha option matum sound control hide la iruku… Enable pana ena seiyanum …. pls pls pls pls tell…..

  8. GORAV says

    i want to download from internet how we doownload the from internet which is easitest to me listen that when i have not coneected the internet

  9. Rochelle says

    how do i take the restrict button of when i make a call because it always show restrict and people dont like to answer they phones when they see restrict.

  10. nelson says

    i’ve been spending time adding contact, but still i haven’t add any contact with my new xperia e c 1505, can you give me advice on how to do it?.

  11. yolanda peña says

    tengo un sony xperia c1504 pero esta muy lento al abrir las carpetas del menú como otras aplicaciones, le descargue una aplicación clean máster porque el mismo celular me decía que tenia unas fallas aunque ha mejorado un poco todavía esta lento y por ratos se me bloquea que debo hacer?.

  12. el smith says

    My screen is blocked cause of my password forgoten, so how to unlock my screen please. my cellphone mark is sony xperia c1505.

  13. Debbie Whittle says

    Can someone please give me clear instructions how to when abroad put Sony xperia c1505 on roaming

    Thank you


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