Sony Xperia sola MT27/ MT27i User Guide & Tech Specs

We heard that Xperia sola previously rumored to be named as Xperia Pepper. It has a series name as MT27 (others variation MT27i / MT27a). If you wanna compare with Xperia U, this Xperia sola is a better specs, specifically on the internal memory and the supports for microSD external card slot.

And sola uses 3.7 inches display with floating touch display capability. This means that without even touching the touchscreen you still able to navigate and operate the sola. Just move over. It called floating touch. It’s especially uses on highlighting or find the link on your web / site that you looking for. You’ll never open the mistake link by accident even in this “tiny” touchscreen with your “large” fingerhead.

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide Specs Overview

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide - Specs Overview

According to the official specs of Xperia sola at here, the 3.7″ display has 16M colors TFT capacitive touchscreen with 854 x 480 pixels resolutions. You can use only “on-screen” qwerty keyboard for the typing input. The surface of the screen also coated with shatterproof sheet on scratch resistant glass. Do not worry about your keen nail or even your sharp edge motor or mobile key scratching your phone. And of course, just like others Sony Smartphone with touch bar / tablet design, the Reality display experience with Mobile BRAVIA Engine is also installed.

Sony Xperia Sola Manual MT27/ MT27i User Guide PDF Resume

Without a doubt, I have to tell you that, speaking of the User Guide of Sony Xperia sola, the first word come a cross my mind is how to use floating touch technology feature. It been said that it would give you new experience on navigating in internet browser. Therefore, I directly go to page 88 in which in this page the floating touch tutorial available. It interesting though. It said hover you finger about 1 cm aka 0.4 inches would give us the same effect like the way we use the computer mouse or PC’s mouse to navigate.

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide Layout Overview Resume

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide - Layout Overview - Resume

For other instruction tutorial, it almost the same likes XPeria P, S or U have. You can learn how to connect your phone to PC via USB cable (need PC Companion; p121 of the UM), Working with Bluetooth wireless technology (including how to pair and name your phone; p.118), connecting to wireless Wi-Fi hotspot (p.78) and many more.

For Resetting phone tutorial: Home screen > Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Erase SD card > Reset phone > Erase everything. This is the tutorial available on page 138 (Troubleshooting chapter) that you can follow. You can also learn in this chapter how you can solve common problems like can’t transfer content, battery low, no charge, or phone is not working as expected (stop responding/ freeze, or slow) and more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony Xperia Sola MT27/ MT27i Technical Specifications

This is another Sony smartphone with Powered with NovaThor U8500 chipset and dual core 1GHz speed processor. The Sony Xperia P also uses the same NovaThor U8500 chipset though it uses dual core 1GHz Cortex A-9 processor.

Although it has internal built in memory for 8GB size, but the user accessible memory that you can have is only about 5GB. Fortunately, this phone supports for microSD up to 32GB. Therefore, if you decided to add additional storage, you can just bought it. The RAM works with the dual core 1GHz processor has 512MB memory.

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide Technical Specifications

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide - Technical Specifications

The phone is and Android Gingerbread version. It means it uses Android 2.3. On Quarter 2 2012, the sola, along with other Xperia would be planned to get the newest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. As usual, Android means Google. That why Google Talk with Video chat ability, Google Search and Voice Search, Gmail, Google Maps with Street View and Latitude are some preloaded applications on you can directly use on this sola.

One thing that make me curious. It been said that the Google Talk capable with Video chat ability but in reality the XPeria sola MT27 didn’t have front facing camera installed. The questions is how can we use Video chat if there is no front camera? It might just useless. Or do we have to use the rear facing or additional camera? Don’t know yet.

For the main camera on the back, the MT27 sola attached with 5 Megapixel camera with LED flash for light assistant both video or photo shot and has autofocus. It can be used to create HD Video 720p@30fps. Support JPEG format image capture. For others features: 16x digital zoom, smile detection, face detection, touch to focus, 3D sweep panorama, geotagging and image stabilizer.

Wi-Fi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n with Wi-Fi portable hotspot capablity, DLNA Certificate, aGPS, Bluetooth, USB version 2.0 for high speed transfer, NFC, and it works under GSM Data network technology (3G support: HSDPA, HSUPA).

Oh, almost forget. The phone has 107 grams (3.8 ounces) weight along with 1320 mAh battery and has body dimension for 116 x 59 x 9.9 mm (4.6 x 2.3 x0.4 inches).

Table of Contents of Sony Xperia Sola Manual MT27/ MT27i User Guide

Important Information
Android what and why?
Getting started
Getting to know you phone
Google Talk
Getting started with Android market
PlayNow service
Video Unlimited
Music Unlimited
Getting organised
Scan with NeoReader
Synch data on your phone
Connect to wireless networks
Web browser Music
Track ID
FM Radio
Take photos and videos
3D Camera
View photos and videos in Gallery
View photos in 3D Album
Connect phone to computer
Using location find you position
Back and restore
Lock and protect
Update your phone
Phone settings overview
Status and notification icons overview
Applications overview
User supports
Recycling your phone
Legal information

Sony Xperia Sola Manual MT27/ MT27i User Guide PDF Download (English Only)

And on page 9, you can learn how you can insert the SIM card, insert the microSD expandable storage memory and also how to remove it properly from it card holder. Remember you need to open the back cover of the XPeria sola to be able to do that. The tutorial how to do this also provided in the image that we gave you below. If you still unclear how to do these please go directly to “Getting started” chapter on Xperia sola User Guide (PDF File).

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide Open Back Cover Insert SIM Install microSD Card Power On PDF Download

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide - Open Back Cover Insert SIM Install microSD Card Power On - PDF Download

And this is the User Guide (English version) which you can download and read. The multi language for French, Italian, Spanish are in waiting list (not available yet right now)

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  1. Amit Sharma says

    In my mobile Sony Erricson MT27I, iam unable to download any mp 3 file or videos above 3MB despite using suitable number of different browsers. Please provide the suitable technical support and it customer care numbers in Mumbai area

  2. sunil says

    dunia ka sabse ganda phone hai sala or sony ke service to or bhi toba
    I very bad experience of sony service in gurgaon at shitij telecom service center.

  3. Ramond says

    i tried the method for import contact from sim card, but still unable to see all my contacts, please share what should i do.

    • Aman says

      Ramond, all you need to do is to sync your previos phone (I used Nokia) to laptop using the software supplied by the manufacturer and then save the contact on laptop at the default location of the software. Use PC companion to upload the contacts to your Sony phone…

  4. jew says

    i have a new sony experia sola. it annoys me because the touch screen would not respond immediately each time i touch any button. i have to touch it over and over again before i can do what i want, eg: writing sms. where is the floating touch screen then???

  5. jop says

    my camera key in sony xperia sola is not functioning. everytime i took pictures it didn’t capture at all. Please help….

  6. says

    amar soony xperia sola Mt27i suddenly off hoe gese. All day valo silo, no problem show any time but it being off sudden. So what can I do for running my phone?

  7. Debbie says

    hi.. i have problem with my Experia Sola, i just bought it last night and i receive a notification about configuration for sms i accidentally cancel it. My problem now is i cannot sent a message, everytime a send a message it appears “Could not send message”

    Please Help, what will I do

  8. says

    how can i reset my phone MT27 without deleting all of my downloaded apps.
    I tried to reset it for setting reset, and still. i cannot connect to our wifi since i know the password.
    Please Share to me how…
    Best Regards!

    • Kamran Kamgaar says

      no Experia Sole dosn’t have any reset botton . just go to setting and from there u can do it

  9. Kamran Kamgaar says

    i have problem with my lock screen password . the keypad is very small . how can i change . the password disply. help as in this case .

    best regard

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