Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual & Tech Specs

Personally, we aren’t sure what the meaning of “U” letter on the Sony Xperia U means. The same thought also cross in our mind for the brother and sister of this newest smartphone by Sony: The Sony Xperia P and Xperia S. Could it be that U means for Ultimate or U for Ultra? I don’t know. But, what the point is that this phone also know as Sony Xperia ST25i / ST25 Kumquat. You may found also that this phone also uses ST25a code series. It just a given name for regional usage, usually due to the carrier of data networks frequency. ST25a for north America which uses HSDPA 850 / 1900 and 2100 Mhz but for ST25i it uses 900 / 2100 Mhz. That’s it

Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual Guide Specs Overview

Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual Guide - Specs Overview

Comparing the Xperia P, Xperia U and Xperia S, this phone — the U version– supposed to be had a middle grade between the S and P. It powered with Dual core 1GHz STE U8500 chipset with DB8500 GPU and 512 MB RAM. Unfortunately the internal storage is just available for 4GB. For many users, nowadays, this kind of size of internal storage built-in memory arent “space” enough. More importantly, the fact that the Xperia U didn’t support for external microSD card slot. Storing huge video and photos would be a little bit problem on this phone.

Btw, the bottom cover is exchangeable. As you can see it can be replace with yellow, white, pink, or black. But the body only available for black and white (back cover).

Sony XPeria U User Guide ST25 Manual Quick Resume

Sony is well-known manufacturer for Music hardware for a long time. The Walkman was the best one for almost two decade. This is why you can rely on this Sony Xperia U to get an experience on listening and processing any Musci that you like. By having this Xperia U, it been claimed that you’ll able to get “Video Unlimited” and “Music Unlimited”. It is a system that would allow you to rent and purcase any Music or Video directly from you phone, PC or even PlayStation 3 or PSP Portable. Find how you can use these feature on page 62 and 64 of the PDF User Manual of Xperia U.

Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual Guide Phone Body Layout Resume

Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual Guide - Phone Body Layout - Resume

The phone also preloaded with NeoReader application in which it would allow you to read a barcode. See the detail on p.68. If you don’t familiarized with Sony TrackID music recognition, you can also learn how to use it and what the functions of this feature on page 89 of the UG.

And as usually, we embedded an image in which you can learn what the look of your Xperia U with the keys and parts: Power key, Volume/Zoom keys, Camera key, Botton cover opening 1 & 2 (important to be able to assemble the battery), Strap hole for accessories, and ore. See the detail on page 14.

Pairing the Bluetooth device tutorial in order to get you phone connected wirelessly to other bluetooth device for file transfer or even connect it to wireless stereo headset (listening music) is some time need a passcode or passkey. If you had a trouble on pair your Xperia U, see the instruction on page 114. Of course how you can connect Wi-Fi, using Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to share you connection with others (family or friends) also provided in this User Guide.

And the most important part is how you can connect and sync or transfer you data from phone to your Computer. It is important because you phone hasn’t enough internal storage (only 4GB!). To be able to do this, first you need install PC Companion (click the link to download the installer file of PC Companion for Windows) on your PC then connect the Xperia U to PC with USB Cable. See the tutorial guideline at page 117.

And for tutorial how to do Factory Reset: Home > Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase Everything (as it seen on page 134 of the PDF User Guide)

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Sony XPeria U ST25 (ST25i/ST25a) Technical Specifications

The screen uses 3.5 inch scratch resistant TFT Capacitive touchscreen (LED backlit LCD) and it designed on touch bar form factor at 112 x 54 x 12 mm of the body dimension size (around 4.4 x 2.1 x 0.5 inches). Sony Mobile Bravia Engine, Timescape UI, Multi touch, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, are installed too. For the resolution of the screen it picked up to be used 480 x 854 pixels resolution. Quite good enough though. It’s about 280 pixels density (ppi).

Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual Guide Technical Specifications

Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual Guide - Technical Specifications

Planned to be upgraded to Ice cream sandwich aka Android 4.0 version. That is the same promised from Sony for this Gingerbread phone. Yup, Xperia U still uses the “old” version of Android OS by Google. By having this OS, you’ll also get preloaded google applications like Google Play / Android Market, Google Maps, Navigation, GTalk, Gmail, Youtube, Google Search and more.

The phone designed with availability of dual camera. VGA on the front facing and 5MP camera on the rear facing as a main camera for photography shoot. Shooting a video would be available for HD 720p@30fps (not bad). It asisted with LED flash for both video light of flash light for photo shoot / capture. Geo tag, touch / auto focus, face/smile detect, image stabilizer are ready to make this camera works “good enough” and strong enough.

Common data networks support and connectivity for HSDPA up to 14.4 Mbps/HSUPA 5.76Mpbs, EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot, DLNA, microUSB v2.o with USB on-the-go supports, Bluetooh version 2.1 with A2DP plus EDR are also available.

Table of Contents of Sony XPeria U User Guide ST25 Manual

Getting started
Getting to know you phone
Google Talk
Getting Started with Android Market
PlayNow service
Video Unlimited
Music Unlimited
Getting organised
Scanning with NeoReader application
Synchronising data on your phone
Connect to wireless networks
Web browser
Using TrackID technology
Using FM radio
Taking photos and recording videos
3D Camera
View photos and video on Gallery
View photos in 3D Album
Bluetooth wireless technology
Connect to Computer
Location service for find position
Back up and Restore phone content
Lock and Protect phone
Updating your phone
Phone setting overview
Status Notification icons overview
Application overview
User support
Recycling your phone
Legal information

Sony XPeria U User Guide ST25 Manual English Version PDF Download

As you can see the image below, there is no tutorial for inserting the microSD card external storage. It because, as we mentioned above, the phone, in a bad way, do not has microSD card slot. Still getting started tutorial such as open the back botton cover, install the SIM card and others are clearly available.

Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual Guide Open Back Cover Insert SIM Card Turn On PDF Download

Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual Guide - Open Back Cover Insert SIM Card Turn On - PDF Download

We try to get other version of User Guide of Xperia U (Spanish, Italian, German, French) but it seems, right now (per May 14th) it isn’t available yet. Just wait. And here are the English Version of Sony Xperia U User Guide.

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  1. susan henderson says

    dear sir,
    why dont you issue a instruction manual with your new phones, It is an absolute nightmare trying to find out how your phone works. I am 71 years old and all Iwant is to know how to use the phone and all Ive got is little piece of paper with very little information. The people who buy your phones are not all computer literate. I have got a sony st 25i

  2. sanjeev says

    With out the operation manual, in detail for all function, feeling difficult to use ST25i, Pl mail solution so that , we may be able to take 100% benefit of our investment

  3. Pooja Jalota says

    Hi i bought Sony ST25i. I didn’t know that you do not give any more How to use Or like guide book. I went to the shop is well if they can show me how to use but they do not have any interest. Now i am stuck. Is there any way could u send me guide book or web site you can tell me.



  4. says

    Har kjøpt en mob.iltlf.: Xperia U st25i.
    Det var ingen brukerhåndbok med i forpakningen, noe jeg er fullstendig av-
    hengig av. Er takksam for å få tilsendt
    en sådan da jeg er over 80 år og er ikke
    så veldig datakyndig. Har forsøkt på
    forskjellige steder på “nettet” men har
    hittil ikke lykkes med å få hjelp. Håper jeg
    ikke må gå tilbake til min 10 år gml. Nokia 3310.

  5. Marvin Saqui says

    Dear Sir,

    I have sony xperia ST25a I forgot the passcode and I can’t open the phone, Can you help me what’s need to do to by pass the passcode. i already update the software in PC Companion but still requiring a passcode.

    Waiting for your response…….. Thanks

  6. fasal says

    my phome sony experiaST25i .i have checked facebook, u tube etc.anytime my phone shows” stop unexpectet”.then I will shutdown my phone &restart then phone ok.sometimes head phone not work

  7. Ravi says

    sir ,Recently bought a sony xperia u ST25i ,my first android phone with lot of happiness , At the age of 55 . After i opened the box and tried to use the phone , i was in for lot of disappointment. The small sheet of paper had hardly any information on how to use this phone . Having paid around Rs 15,000/- shame on the sony co ., as there was no usermanual. Even the sony co sales person did not know how to operate this phone . It’s more than 10 day’s ,am struggling to use it . With very little information provided i tried to transfer the data’s from my old mobile nokia xpress music to sony st25i using sony PC Companion without any success . sony companion could not identify nokia mobile .!!!! strange .Even the bluetooth in sony could not identify nokia bluetooth. Feel so sorry why i bought this mobile .
    Can someone help me with step by step method of using different functions of this phone .
    Please help me !!!!!

  8. Parth Sarthi says

    Dear Sir,
    I have brought ST25i in July.
    It had a option Take Screenshot when power button holded for some moment when it was At Ginegbread(2.3.7)
    But After Updation of ICs Android 4.0.4
    This Option Disappeared.What to do to take screenshot.?

  9. m prabhakara says

    guide lines required for transferring phone contacts from this instruments to Nokia asha 308 and also transferring to SIM

  10. Marvin Saqui says

    My daughter’s phone sony xperia st25a forgotten her passcode, She cannot use the phone now. Can you help us what need to do?

    I waiting for your prompt reply for this problem soon. Hope you can help us..

  11. asantha says

    my xperia u screen turn on automatically for few seconds its wasting my battery life please give me some solution thanks

  12. John Crossling says

    I have the sony Xperia ST25i which has started cutting me off during calls. This happens regardless of whether I make the call or receive it. Its not the signal as it happens even with full signal. Help
    Kind Regards, John

  13. Analee ursua says

    dear sir, my android phone was sony experia u, the is that i cannot connect to the internet. can you help me.

  14. miss proctor says

    i bought an experia phone but put the sim card in not relising it was the wrong sim and could not get it out of the sim card slot it when right in the slot and i cant get it out help

  15. Fábio de souza says

    Eu tenho Sony Xperia ST25a eu esqueci a senha e não consigo abrir o telefone, você pode me ajudar o que é preciso fazer para por passar a senha. i já atualizar o software no PC Companion, mas ainda necessitando de uma senha.

    À espera de sua resposta …….. Obrigado

  16. bijay dong lama says

    my phone model st 25i doesnt connect to other phone via bluetooth. radio , wifi isn’t working. i hope for your kind help


    Dear Sir,
    My set is Sony Xperia ST25i,While saving a video from camera ,all photo suddenly disappeared,so plz suggest me,how shall i recover them.


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