LG Optimus L9 P769 User Guide for T-Mobile

You can find this LG Optimus L9 P769 (bundling with T-Mobile in US) in many others series name depend on the carrier and region. For example the LG Optimus L9 P760 (for global), for India named as LG Optimus L9 P765, LG Optimus L9 P768 (South America and Asian) although these version has larger screen size at 4.7-inch. Therefore, for some basic guidance available on this P769 would be the same with other Optimus L9 User Guide.

LG Optimus LG P769 Smartphone Overview

LG Optimus LG P769 Smartphone Overview

LG Optimus L9 P769 is a 4.5-inch touch bar/ touch-tablet smartphone (form factor design) runs on Android Operating System. The display uses IPS LCD capacitive touschreen at 960 x 540 pixels resolution with 16M colors. It’s acquired about 245 pixel density (ppi). It protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 for scratch resistant material.

But for the Optimus L9 P760 and its series (P768 / P765), speaking of the screen, We suggest you to have the IPS screen to be coated with screen protection (and the like) because this phone doesn’t seem protected with scratch resistant glass.

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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze SGH-T769 User Manual for T-Mobile

You can call this phone as Samsung T769 or it’s full name with Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. Although we prefer to name it just as Samsung Blaze. This is the first time we encounter the display screen that aren’t usual although it almost the same just a little difference. The Blaze uses 3.97 inches Super Amoled Capacitive touchscreen with about 480 x 800 pixels resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze SGH T769 4G T-Mobile Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze SGH T769 4G T-Mobile Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

In US, the Blaze can be found along with T-Mobile Carrier in which it uses GSM Data Network Technology. The best of this kind of 3G Network is that it support for HSDPA up to 42Mbps (the 4G) and also HSUPA. Currently it under 850 / 1700 / 2100 Mhz Frequency. This phone available on the market on the end of March 2012.
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LG T-Mobile myTouch Q C800 User Manual & Tech Specs

Sorry for being late on writing this T-Mobile myTouch Q, though I knew that some of the visitor that came to this site, already searching for LG myTouch Q C800 for T-Mobile but they only found the LG T-Mobile myTouch E739 (Its Tech Specs and User Manual / User Guide). It might because on that page, I wrote about the differences between myTouch Q and myTouch E739. If you wonder what the differences, let me re-write it once again for short.

I believe the “Q” letter on myTouch Q means Qwerty Keyboard, this the prime thing that distinguished from myTouch E739 with hadn’t a Qwerty Keyboard. By its form factory, the myTouch Q C800 uses Slide Side out design and for the myTouch E739 comes with touch bar form factor. Just imagine that the first had ad Physical Keyboard, and the later only Touchscreen capability that it had.

LG T-Mobile MyTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

LG T-Mobile MyTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Another difference including the properties of Camera attached on both of the smartphone and also the details of dimension size and the diagonal diameter of the display screen. Actually, you can find a better comparison if you visit this page (the official of myTouch and myTouch Q on t-mobile website).

As you can see at the picture above, it’s the myTouch Q for Gray version colors (the right) and Violet Version (left side)

T-Mobile myTouch Q has 3.5″ display touchscreen, myTouch has a bigger size about 3.8, but the 5MP camera on myTouch didn’t has LED Flash, the one that usable on myTouch Q. For the dimension the myTouch Q has about (closed) 4.76 x 2.5 x 0.52 inches and about 5.64 ounces weight (121 x 64 x 13 mm / 160 grams). Just another info: This T-Mobile myTouch Q also known as LG Maxx Qwerty.
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LG DoublePlay C729 User Manual & Specifications for T-Mobile

This’s another Phone that almost had the same story on how I got the User Guide / User Manual download link just like LG T-Mobile myTouch case and then can shared with you today. Yup, the Use Guide of this C729 DoublePlay is not available for LG Website, but we fortunately capable to find it on t-mobile.com unintentionally. DoublePlay term used to named this smartphone is chosen as a representation of the two screens embedded in the phone body when it slide out (open mode). One as the main display with touchscreen ability and the second one attached at the middle of qwerty keyboard. See the picture below to make sure what I means about this “double screen”.

And for the “Play” term means that by using double screen you can independently access two screen without need to close the other one, just like you runs multitasking on the two screen. Although the screen also can works as “single screen” aka united as one.

LG DoublePlay Manual User Guide C729 T-Mobile Specs Overview

LG DoublePlay Manual User Guide C729 T-Mobile - Specs Overview

The Phone that also known as LG C729 or LG Flip II, has 3.5 inches Capacitive touchscreen and 2 inches secondary capacitive display. For data networks connections, the DoublePlay joins with T-Mobile Carrier in which the connectivity feature is supports for 4G Networks HSPA+. Btw, back to the display screen. The Primary display which uses 262K color TFT LCD has 320 x 480 resolution and for the secondary display with 240 x 320 pixels resolution. The phone dimension is about 4.8 x 2.52 x 0.63 inches (closed condition) with 6.79 ounce in weight.
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LG T-Mobile myTouch E739 User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Tech Specs

To be honest, I’m not in plan on writing the LG myTouch specs and sharing its User Guide or Quick Start Guide. It is because, the official page of LG myTouch E739 for T-Mobile on lg.com isn’t officially release the UG and QSG of this phone (only available for datasheet pdf file, per December 27, 2011). But do to what I like to call a “coincidence”, luckily, I can get the User Guide of this device from its Carrier website, the T-Mobile Site. As you can see, now we are here to bring you the specs, the guide, and the resume of myTouch E739. So just enjoy!

LG myTouch E739 Manual User Guide Quick Start T Mobile Specs Overview

LG myTouch E739 Manual User Guide Quick Start T Mobile - Specs Overview

As far as I knew, T-Mobile myTouch by LG had two differences model, one with slide side form factor Physical Qwerty Keyboard, known as myTouch Q (Q refer to Qwerty Keyboard) and the second on is only using Touch bar form factor. What we wanna shared and discuss at this article, is the one who has touch bar form factory design. If you wonder what the looks like between those two, please feel free to visit this myTouch page at T-Mobile.
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Samsung Exhibit II SGH-T679 User Manual & Specifications for T-Mobile

If you already familiar with Exhibit term as a Samsung Phone’s name, we believe that you had already known the first generation of Samsung Exhibit 4G. And we are here to share and discuss the User Guide of the second generation of this phone: The Samsung Exhibit II 4G–the II term means it second generation and 4G means its supports fourth generation of data networks technology along with T-Mobile Carrier. Due to its manufacture series code, this Samsung Exhibit II (read: 2 / two) can be called also as Samsung SGH T679. If you also ever heard Samsung Ancora, that would be one of the other alias name of ths SGH T679.

Samsung Exhibit 2 II 4G T679 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Exhibit 2 II 4G T679 T-Mobile Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Although you can’t expect the features and tech specs on this Exhibit II as good as the series of Samsung Galaxy S II, there are still a valuable features embedded in this phone and still worth to be have it, especially for the design that look quite good and “up to date”. As you can see at the figure above, the Exhibit II uses touch table form factory which has 3.7 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen. Using 480 x 800 pixels resolution, the display has 252 ppi. It also supports multi touch input, touch sensitive control and installed with proximity for auto turn off screen and accelerometer for auto rotate orientation UI. There is no screen protector (Gorilla glass display).
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HTC Radar User Manual, Quick Start & Tech Specs for T-Mobile

Updated: We added the User Guide of HTC Radar 4G for T-Mobile Carrier and Cincinnati Bell Carrier (see the PDF Download Tab sections). Did you know that almost 50% of Smartphone manufacturer which uses Android OS had to pay a license patent to Microsoft? Do you know that the Windows Phone not quite popular just like Android OS. Even though this fact, still here is one of Smartphone which recently released using Windows Phone 7.5 OS from HTC company. It has a name HTC Radar aka HTC Radar 4G. It also known as HTC Omega.

As usual, we are here to bring you the User Guide and Quick Start Guide of HTC Radar with additional information regarding with Tech Specs and its features.

HTC Radar Manual User Guide Quick Start Specs Overview

HTC Radar Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview

HTC Radar comes with 3.8 inches diagonal diameter display with Super LCD (S-LCD) capacitive touchscreen at 16M colors and completed by using scratch-resistant material from Gorilla Glass display. It uses 480 x 800 pixels resolutions and has dimension size for 120.5mm x 61.5mm x 10.9mm ( aproximately about 4.74 inches x 2.42 inches x 0.43 inches), weighing at 127 grams aka 4.83 ounces (along with the battery in).

Without amiss, accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor, gyroscope sensor, ambient light sensor, multi touch input method also ready to complete the Touchscreen display. Accelero for auto orientation rotation, proximity is the ways you can save the power battery while in call via auto turn off the screen while near the ears, gyroscope for balance and gravity detector and the ambient light to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the “darkness” environment.
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