Samsung Aviator Galaxy S SCH-R930 User Manual for U.S. Cellular

Whenever you heard “Aviator” you should think about something relating to plane or flight aka aviation. I don’t know the reason behind the trademark for Samsung SCH R930 Smartphone but It seems that It pretty interesting, especially that this Aviator is a part of Samsung Galaxy S, a well-known Android Smartphone series by Samsung. OK, no need to talk more about this, let start to discuss what “inside” and what the look-like of ths device.

For your information. This Galaxy S Aviator, actually only a “re-branding” name for Droid Charge I510 to be used for US Cellular Carrier.

Samsung Galaxy S Aviator SCH R930 Manual User Guide US Cellular Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy S Aviator SCH R930 - Manual User Guide US Cellular - Specs Overview

Just like others Galaxy S Series, the Aviator comes with touch bar form factor. It also can be called as touch tablet design. With 5 ounces weight and 5.11 x 2.66 x 0.46 inches for the dimension, the Aviator get the screen by using Super AMOLED Plus. This is absolutely not bad.

For the screen, the 4.3 inches display with 480 x 800 pixels is ready enough to produce clear view along with 16M colors.
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Samsung Repp SCH-R680 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for US Cellular

Samsung SCH R680, better know as Samsung R680 Repp or just Samsung Repp is a 3.2 inches diplay touchscreen phone which runs under Android Gingerbread 2.3 Operating System and in US known to be bundled along with U.S. Cellular Carrier. Though, the Global Phone version for Generic CDMA also available. In this post, I will gave you the User Guide for both Generic CDMA and Samsung Repp for US Cellular. Especially for the US Cellular Repp phone, I found also the Quick Start Guide version, the one that we couldn’t found on Generic CDMA version.

Samsung Repp SCH R680 Manual User Guide US Cellular Generic CDMA Global Phone Specs Overview

Samsung Repp SCH R680 Manual User Guide US Cellular Generic CDMA Global Phone - Specs Overview

At the first time, I thought there is no differences between Repp for US Cellular and Repp for Generic CDMA. But doing a comparison between those two from Official page of Reep for Generic CDMA and for USCellular, we found that there are some differences between these two.

The Samsung Repp for Generic CDMA attached with 4GB internal memory, on the other hand the Samsung Repp SCH R680 for U.S. Cellular embedded “only” 2GB internal built-in memory but it also included 2GB external microSD card slot (the one that not included in Generic CDMA).
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LG Wine II 2 UN430 User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Specs for US Cellular

For anyone who love the Clamshell phone style, this LG Wine II might be good for you. But, for anyone who already owned this Wine II and wanna start on understanding and familiarize on using the Wine 2, we gave you a User Guide for your step by step tutorial and also if you looking for fast guidance, we gave you also the Quick Start Guide of LG Wine II. LG Wine II in United Stated comes with U.S Cellular Carrier which uses CDMA Data Networks Technology for 1.9Ghz/ 800Mhz CDMA, AWS. For Data transmission the Wine II CDMA supports EVDO Rev.0

LG Wine II 2 UN430 Manual User Guide Quick Start US Cellular Specs Overview

LG Wine II 2 UN430 Manual User Guide Quick Start US Cellular - Specs Overview

Usually the clam shell phone design called also as flip out form factor. The Wine II UN430 attached with dual LCD Display. The first one has 2.4 inches screen size with 240 x 320 pixels resolution as the main screen that you need to open the flipped phone in order to “use” it and the second one embedded with 1.77 inches screen as external LCD display which has about 128 x 160 pixels resolution. Both of the screen has 262K colors. For the dimension size (in close mode), the phone has 3.97 inches x 1.97 inches x 0.62 inches on its height x width x depth with about 3.6 ounces on the weight. It is about 101 x 50 x 16 in mm and about 16 grams.
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HTC Hero S User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Specs Overview for US Cellular

HTC Hero S is the little sister of HTC Hero. We can also name it as the second generation of HTC Hero with some enhancement in its features and hardware specs. We guess that the “S” letter on HTC Hero S is stand for Super just likes other S version, for example HTC Wildfire S. We wouldn’t talk about the differences between HTC Hero S with HTC Hero or with Wildfire S. At this time, we just wanna share an info regarding with the Specifications and User Manual / User Guide with Quick Start Guide of HTC Hero S. At this time, HTC Hero S would be available for US Cellular carrier for its bundling data network provider

HTC Hero S User Manual Quick Start Guide US Cellular Specs Overview

HTC Hero S User Manual Quick Start Guide US Cellular - Specs Overview

As you can see at the figure above, HTC Hero S (HHS)is a candy bar Phone form factor (ff) with on screen virtual qwerty keyboard / keypad. We prefer to call HHS as Touch bar ff design. This phone armored with single core 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor and powered with Google OS, the Android Gingerbread version 2.3. As an HTC Phone and an Android Smartphone, for the User Interface, the HTC Sense is running as the main UI to give you the beauty on using HTC Android Phone. HHS also has built in 8GB eMMC storage memory (not enough!? there is 8GB additional microSD card included for external storage, expandable up to 32GB), and has 768MB of RAM.
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LG Envoy UN150 User Manual, Quick Start & Datasheet Specifications for US Cellular

LG Envoy is a kind of Mobile Phone that specially design for anyone who love flip out form factor. This UN150–the series name of LG Envoy– indeed uses the clamshell design with dedicated directional keys and also used traditional alphanumeric keypad (also known as D-Pad) combined with 2.2 inches display screen. In US, Envoy UN150 available via US Cellular carrier and uses CDMA Technology for its Data networks.

LG Envoy UN150 Manual User Guide Quick Start Datasheet Specs Overview

LG Envoy UN150 Manual User Guide Quick Start Datasheet - Specs Overview

Although the Envoy looks rather bulky, it still gave me an impression look by the dual display and rounded corner style. Yup, there are two display available in UN150 LG phone, one we already mentioned above, the display 2.2″ with TFT display at 256K colors and 176 x 220 pixels resolutions (open mode), and on front side (close mode), there is a greyscale display with 0.98 inches diagonal diameter and has about 96 x 64 pixels resolution.
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HTC Merge User Manual & Quick Start Guide for US Cellular (Lexikon/ ADR6325)

One thing that you should know regarding with HTC Merge is sometime you will also find that the similar Phone design and looks alike with this Smartphone with others dubbed name. Yes, HTC Merger sometime also been known as HTC Lexikon and also known as HTC ADR6325.

The US Cellular Carrier that we been reviewed and shared the Manual of HTC Merge at this post, actually not the only one Provider Mobile Carrier that been used / bundled with this Gadget. Alltell and Verizon Wireless Carrier also has this Phone though it seems the first Carrier that launched / released to the Market is the US Cellular Carrier.

HTC Merge ADR6325 Manual User Guide Quick Start US Cellular Specs Overview

HTC Merge ADR6325 Manual User Guide Quick Start US Cellular - Specs Overview

HTC Merge uses Slide Side form factor body design with combination between Onscreen Qwerty Virtual Keyboard and also Physical four row Qwerty Keyboard. The Display screen installed with Super LCD Capacitive Touchscreen that has 16M Color (also known as S-LCD Capacitive Touchscreen / WVGA), with 3.8 inches Diagonal Diameter Screen Size and has 480 x 800 pixels Resolution.

As an HTC Smartphone, Merge, just common HTC Smartphone that powered with Android OS, also installed wiht HTC Sense User Interface. The Display Screen also has built in Proximity Sensor for Auto Turn off while in call condition (closer to ears or in dark condition such as placed in bag or wallet), Accelerometer Sensor for Auto Orientation Rotate, and supports Multi Touch Input method and Touch Sensitive Controls.

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HTC Wildfire S User Manual & Quick Start Guide (HTC PG76110)

Update: We added the User Guide / User Manual and also Quick Start Guide of HTC Wildfire S for MetroPCS Carrier, Wildfire S For T-Mobile, Wildfire S for Virgin Mobile and Wildfire S for US Cellular. See the download links under PDF Download Tab Section.

Actually, this HTC Wildfire S officially released in the end of April 2011 or in others region also released in the beginning of May 2011. This Smartphone that uses Candy Bar / Touch Bar form factor design also had another dubbed series name: HTC PG76110. And of course this “S” version is the continuation of the previous Version: The HTC Wildfire.

If you love the latest Version of Android OS, the Android v2.3 or Gingerbread, we had a good news for you. Yes, HTC Wildfire S installed with this latest version of Android OS, the Android Gingerbread, just like Samsung Nexus S. The Android OS also powered with HTC Sense User Interface – a special UI developed just for HTC Smartphone.

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start Specs Overview

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview

The Core Hardware used by Wildfire are the Qualcomm single core 600MHz CPU Processor Speed, the Memory of RAM at 512MB and also 512MB for RAM Memory. It also support with microSD card slot for external expansion slot memory card storage. For the body that has 105grams with battery is a little big heavy for the Gadget that has 59.4 x 101.3 x 12.4 mm Dimension Size.

HTC Wildfire S Overview on YouTube

The Display Screen uses Thin Film Transistor TFT Capacitive Touchscreen with 256K color and equipped with Gorilla Glass Display, Auto-Rotate UI, Auto Turn-Off (uses Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor gain this feature / ability), and Touch sensitive Control on 3.2 inches Diagonal Diameter and with 320 x 480 Pixels Resolution Screen.
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