LG Genesis US760 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for US Cellular

What the best text input I/O on Smartphone? Which one better: using Real Keyboard or Virtual Keyboard on Touchscreen Display? And what is your favorite choice? What about that we gave you both of those choices?

Yup, LG Genesis US760 is one of the Smartphone that equipped with both Physical Qwerty Keyboard and also the Onscreen Virtual One. Just switch it, anytime you wanna use one of them, try it for you best that suits in your hand. How you can switch between Real Qwerty Keyboard and the Virtual Qwerty Keyboard on LG Genesis? Because the design comes with Genesis is Side Fold, you can switched by Folding (in or out / open or close, like opening door or windows in traditional fold ways) the Phone. If you fold it open you got two display Touchscreen. The Front External Side (in closed condition) it has 3.5 inches Diameter Diagonal Size, and the internal one (open mode), it uses 3.2″ display screen size.

LG Genesis US760 User Manual US Cellular Quick Start Guide Datasheet Specs Overview

LG Genesis US760 User Manual US Cellular Quick Start Guide Datasheet - Specs Overview

If you ever heard Clamshell or Flip Side form factor design of Phone or Gadget design, and you understand what exactly the meaning of them, you will understand that slide fold form factor of LG Genesis US760 is the same “design” as Flip Side or ClamShell form factor.

OK, back to the Display. Although the Internal Display and External Display has difference in Diameter Diagonal Size (3.5″ and 3.2″), but for the Resolution Screen Pixel and the Material and Colors are both come with the same specifications: uses TFT Touchscreen with 16M colors and 480 x 800 pixels Resolution.
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Samsung Acclaim SCH R880User Manual for US Cellular

If you handset uses US Cellular Provider, you had already knew that the Data Networks Technology used by this Phone’s Carrier is the Code Division Multiple Access aka CDMA Technology (beside the GSM Data Networks Technology). Especially for Samsung Acclaim that purposely design for US Cellular (bundling in), it also works under CDMA Networks. It means that Samsung Acclaim SCH R880 for US Cellular only works on CMAD frequency signals (uses CDMA 800/1900 Mhz and 1xEVDo CDMA2000). You’ll never be able to use this Phone on any GSM Networks!.

Samsung Acclaim SCHR 880 Manual User Guide US Cellular Specs Overview

Samsung Acclaim SCHR 880 Manual User Guide US Cellular - Specs Overview

Slide Side Out Body Design is the form factor used by this Acclaim. Of course just like others “Slide Side” Phone, it equipped with Physical Qwerty Keyboard (four 4 rows) with some dedicated keys. For the Trackpad, it comes with Optical Trackpad for navigation though you can use the Touchscreen for Navigate the menu beside of using the TrackPad. Personally, this design is our favorite type: The Slide Side with Rounded corners. The Samsung Acclaim SCH R880 Display uses TFT Touchscreen with 256K colors and has 320 x 480 pixels Resolution. The Diplay’s Diagonal Size has 3.2 inches Diameter. Accelerometer for Auto Rotate UI also included with the Thin Film Transistor Touchscreen.
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LG Saber UN200 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for US Cellular

Do you remember the Design that been used by Motorola Droid Pro / Motorola Pro? Even though there still many differences between LG Saber UN200 and Motorola Droid Pro, at one glance you will notice that there one big “similarity”: The Form Factor and its Physical Qwerty Keyboard Design. Both Droid Pro and Saber combined with Display Screen and Physical Qwerty Keyboard on Mono block form factor. But, there is one another big “difference” among both of those phone: Droid Pro is a high-end Smartphone, but Saber is just middle / lower class Mobile Phone. This can be concluded if you read the specifications details of Saber that we would write for you below and under “Specifications” Tab section.

LG Saber UN200 US Cellular User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet Specs Overview

LG Saber UN200 US Cellular Owner's User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet - Specs Overview

No Wi-Fi, No Operating System, No 3G CDMA, only uses VGA Camera, are some indicator that can be used to categorizes LG Saber UN200 as lower end Mobile PHone. As we mentioned above, LG Saber uses CDMA Technology Data Networks. It bundled along with US Celluar Carrier in United States, and works unders 1.9Ghz CDMA PCS and 800MHz CMDA with Data Transmission type uses 1xRTT.
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Motorola Crush User Manual & Getting Started Guide for US Cellular

The Crush by Motorola designed by using Candy Bar form factor with Full Touch Screen User Interface. Using the Display screen (WQVGA 262K TFT Colors) with on Screen Qwerty Keyboard at 2.8 inches in diameter diagonal size at 240 x 400 Pixels, we could say that the phone used Touch Bar form factor. Personally, we do really like the design casing body of Motorola Crush, using slight rounded corner with rounded edge design look very stylish and modish (see the picture)
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HTC Desire User Manual & Quick Start Guide for US Cellular

Actually we already gave you the brief overview about the features and specifications of HTC Desire at here before (HTC Desire for European), but right now we would give you the specific detail about HTC Desire that come with US Cellular and Cellular South Provider Carrier in US. Indeed, the User Guide / User Manual of both the HTC Desire for Cellular South and HTC Desire for US Cellular is alike.

Let see the differences between HTC Desire built for US Cellular and HTC Desire that comes along with Cellular South in Technical Specification. As long as we knew after comparing the both of them, we came into conclusion that the only differences between (aside from the back body that written the each of Mobile CDMA Carrier word), is the RAM Memory: HTC Desire Cellular South used 576MB RAM, and HTC Desire US Cellular equipped with “only” 384 MB RAM. (Though, It seems that the Specification in www.htc.com –click the link to compare– got little difference with the Specification available in the User Manual / User Guide of HTC Desire for US Cellular)
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Samsung Profile SCH R580 User Manual & Specifications for US Cellular

The uniqueness of Samsung Profile SCH R580 placed in the form factor and design body of the Phone. Take a look at the picture of Samsung Profile Below. It has “closed” conditions and “open” condition. In closed view, the form factor of Samsung Profile is candy bar form factor with numeric keypad and 2.4 inches Display screen, while open view, you’ll be able to slide the 4 row Physical Qwerty keyboard, the ways it means, using slider form factor. Therefore, we can said that the Samsung Profile has candy bar numeric keypad with slide side out qwerty keyboard form factor. It remains us about the Nokia Communicator Design. 😀

In US, you can get this Phone along with US Cellular Carrier (black color), although Samsung Profile for CDMA Generic Carrier (unlocked) also available (in Red edge strip / red rear with black color on front body). Samsung SCH R580 US Cellular run under dual band CDMA at frequency 800MHz and 1.9GHz. For the battery, the Phone included with 3.7 volt lithium ion 1.140mAh that can be used around 6 hours for talking mode and up to 300 hours in standby condition. For the memory, the Samsung Profile installed with 100MB internal memory and supports microSD Slot that capable to be used with microSD up to 16G in Size Storage.
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LG Optimus U US670 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for US Cellular

First of all, we had to tell you a bad news regarding the Manual / User Guide of LG Optimus U US670. After look around and try several time with several ways, we couldn’t find any official User Guide / User Manual of LG Optimus U. The only available guidance that we can get is the Quick Start Guide of the US670. This also means that, you only get a little (quick) help on using the Optimus U but yet on getting the Deep and Further Guideline. Though, we will give you an alternative ways to get a deep understanding of LG Optimus U instead of merely reading the QSG (Quick Start Guide) that seems not pretty enough for you.

Lets start talking about the Specification and Features available in this Phone. LG Optimus U US670. The using of U letter and US670 actually indicate that the Phone available with US Cellular Carrier. U for US and US670 also for US Cellular. We talked about this term before, including the term of Optimus M, Optimus S, and Optimus T at here.

…Look at the S, T, and M. It seem the T, S, and M is refer to the Mobile Carrier of the Phone. S stand for Sprint, M for Metro PCS and of course the T (LG Optimus T) refer to T-Mobile…

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