The New iPad User Guide for iOS 5.1 Software aka Apple iPad 3 Manual

Update: The New iPad User Guide / User Manual now available! For your information, the User Guide of iPad 3 aka The New iPad User Manual currently unavailable right now. We are here just to prepare the incoming The new iPad that would be available on March 16, 2012. We predicted that the User Manual of iPad 3 also available on the same day the new iPad officially released in the market, especially US region and more over for the English version of the Manual.

Apple The New iPad 3 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Apple The New iPad 3 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

The new iPad is the official name of this 3rd Generation of iPad although it been rumored to be named as iPad HD but it already well known as iPad 3. This iPad is using the latest version of iOS, it is iOS 5.1 Software.

The new iPad Manual aka iPad 3 User Guide Resume

Update: It available now! see on Read Online tab or PDF Download section!

This image below is a parts of iPad User Guide that we arranged for you. It available on page 9 under “Chapter 1: At a Glace”. It would help you to understant the keys and parts of the iPad. You can also learn the functions of each keys or button.

Apple The New iPad 3 User Manual Guide iOS 5.1 Softaware Keys Parts Layout Resume

Apple The New iPad 3 User Manual Guide iOS 5.1 Softaware - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

By reading the iPad User Guide for iOS 5.1 Software, you can learn the basic functions on how to use the iPad from power it on, using the Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth pairing, buy music or song via iTunes, using Safary, download games and app from App Store, set the Alarm, watch the YouTube, Navigation on Maps and many more.

Especially if you look how to do Master Reset aka Factory Reset which means you wanna erase all content and settings, the tutorial provided on page 129. It can be done thru several level: Reset all setting by visiting Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Setting; Reset network setting by Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset Network Settings; and also reset the homescreen layout, the keyboard and location warnings.

Overall, the User Guide is quite good an complete though it a little bit huge by having 15.2MB. It also available for multi-language.
Currently Unavailable, but we speculate that the contents of the Manual of the new iPad wouldn’t far from the contents with its tutorial of the previous User Guide: The Manual of iPad 2.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

The new iPad aka iPad 3 Specifications

The best way and accurate way to know the specifications of the new iPad (which currently announced – March 07 2012), is visiting the official page of iPad 3 at (on comparison to iPad 2) and Tech specs page at here.

Apple The New iPad3 Manual User Guide Compare iPad2 Specifications

Apple The New iPad3 Manual User Guide Compare to iPad2 - Specifications

According to those page, the new iPad comes with same design, but with a little bit thicker that the iPad 2, has huger for the resolution screen, more speed and supports 4G LTE. The 9.8″ display equipped with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. It means that it has retina display property with about 264ppi (pixel per inch). The Camera uses 5 Megapixel camera with face detection, tap to focus, autofocus, and HD 1080p@30fps Video Recording.

It about 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm for the dimension size and has 652 gram weight for Wi-Fi version and 662 gram weight for Wi-Fi + 4G version. It available for 16GB storage, 32GB and 64GB. The Processor uses A5X processor with quad core graphics processor.

We also knew that the previous iPad 2 has only 8.8mm depth and only 601 grams for Wi-Fi only version or 613 and 603 grams for Wi-Fi + 3G, which means it lighter and thinner than The New iPad. On the contrary the iPad 2 only uses 123ppi on the display screen with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, which means it smaller than what iPad 3 had. The Processor also uses still A5. It been rumored also that the price of iPad 2 is cutting down for almost 100USD because of the new iPad announcement. Good news for iPad 2 lover.

Table of Contents of The new iPad Manual aka iPad 3 User Guide

At a Glance
Getting Started
iTunes Store
App Store
Game Center
iPad in Business
International Keyboards
Support and Other Information

The new iPad Manual aka Apple iPad 3 User Guide PDF Download

Note: If you already had an iPad, you can download the User Guide for this the new iPad from iBookstore (installing the free iBooks app may needed). Otherwise, just go to Safary and tab bookmark and tab iPad User Guide bookmark.

Apple The New iPad 3 User Manual Guide iOS5.1 Software Charge Battery Connect PC PDF Download

Apple The New iPad 3 User Manual Guide iOS5.1 Software - Charge Battery Connect PC as shown on page 21 & 22 - PDF Download

Download The New iPad User Guide | Language: English | PDF Size: 15.2MB | Page: 144

Another User Guide of iPad in multi-languages:

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  1. Francoi Nel says

    Why is it such a mission to download and save the new iPad’s user manual? This is unacceptable!

  2. Philip Edigin says

    New iPad should come with hard copy that one can read instead of going through the regoures of dawn load. Just like before, thank you.

  3. justice K.C.Bhargava says

    There should be a printed manual along with ipad so that a common man can load programmes according to his choice. It is very cumbersome and tedious job to down load manual. Hard copy is a must. Please send one hard copy.

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